Canvey Island southern shoreline revetment project - information page

Closes 1 Nov 2024

Opened 10 May 2021


This project will maintain the existing high level of tidal flood risk protection to thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure on Canvey Island into the future.  


We will be renewing and improving the erosion protection on the seaward face of the tidal defences, known as revetment. This will take place along a 3km stretch between Thorney Bay and the Island Yacht Club as shown on the map below.

Canvey Island southern shoreline map

Map: Canvey Island southern shoreline. Red line indicates the area of revetment that we will be working on

This project will better protect the tidal defences against erosion and extend their useful life to 2070 in light of increasing sea levels due to climate change. These works extend the high standard of tidal flood risk protection provided by the Canvey Island tidal defences into the future, a key aspiration of the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan.

The works are planned to be delivered as part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM) 2100 Programme.

Community drop-in


We have developed key aspects of the scheme’s design in consultation with numerous partners, including Castle Point Borough Council and Canvey Island Town Council, which we are now sharing with you. Details of the design are explained in more depth within the PDF documents at the bottom of this page, but the key aspects are summarised below:

  • An open stone asphalt revetment will be installed from Thorney Bay to north of Leigh Beck Point, with the exception of the immediate area of the Concord Cafe
  • This new revetment will be laid at a shallower angle and beach material retained
  • A wider seaward walkway at key “pinch points” such as at the base of steps

Illustration of the existing angle of the revetment

Above: The existing angle of the revetment (illustrative location shown)

Below: The angle of the new revetment

Illustration showing the angle of the new revetment

  • Fisherman’s Corner – the existing viewing platform is contained within the wider seaward walkway area at the top of the new revetment slope angle laid at a shallower angle. This provides access for all to enjoy the views as stepped access to a platform is no longer required.

Illustration showing the existing Fisherman’s Corner

Above: The existing Fisherman’s Corner (illustrative location shown)

Below: The new arrangement

Illustration showing the new arrangement at Fisherman’s Corner

  • Complete replacement of all steps to the beach
  • A new “hard” surface to the footpath on the top of the landward side of the sea wall all the way from Thorney Bay to Chapman Sands
  • Improved ramp and floodgate access in key locations to allow vehicles through and over the sea wall for future maintenance activities


Details of the construction are explained in more depth within the PDF documents at the bottom of this page, but the key aspects are summarised below:

  • The construction will take an anticipated two and half years in duration.
  • Revetment works are fitted into the low-tide window, meaning works will take place over an approximate 5-hour period, anywhere between 6am-10pm.
  • Construction works on the landward side of the sea wall to take place in regular working hours (8am-6pm Monday to Friday).
  • A phased delivery using two construction teams working at locations and times of the year influenced by:
    • Benfleet and Southend Marshes at the eastern end of the project’s extent, which is an internationally important site for habitat and wildlife and is designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA), Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and Ramsar (a Ramsar site is a wetland site designated to be of international importance under the Ramsar Convention)
    • The western end of the project area contains a very well used public amenity front with beach areas, tidal pools and a host of amenity features and services.
    • Archaeological fieldwork may also be required to mitigate impacts on any buried archaeological remains within the foreshore
  • A main compound, required for duration of the works, to be located at the end of Eastern Esplanade.
  • Satellite compounds will be required for much shorter durations. Three of these sites will be away from the main compound, at Western Esplanade, Eastern Esplanade car park and Beveland Road respectively

Map showing the main and satellite compound locations

Map: Red circles show the main and satellite compound locations of varying durations

Latest developments (June 2022)

The works will be carried out in phases to reduce the disruption to the community and the tourism industry. This will also minimise disturbance to the designated sites along the shoreline. 

Detailed design has now been completed for the scheme and the tendering process in underway. However there have been delays in receiving all the permissions required for us to carry out the works and therefore we will not be able to start setting up our site compounds until January 2023. The works are then due to start in March 2023 and will follow the phases and timeline in the diagram below. We will be working with the local community to help them to understand the impact of the works.

Map showing timings of the work

Map and timeline for the works (also available from the list of PDF documents below)

Current and future consent applications
We have developed applications for various permissions, licences and consents, some of which are detailed below. 

We have already submitted:

  • Planning permissions for the main and each satellite compound locations. These are expected to be determined in early July
  • A Lawful Development Certificate is required for all of the construction works themselves, which has now been granted.

In addition, we will be shortly submitting applications for the following consents:

  • A River Works Licence from the Port of London Authority and a Marine Licence from the Marine Management Organisation are also required for the works to the tidal defences
  • A noise consent (s61)
  • Temporary footpath closure permits


How can I find out more and get involved?

Please keep checking this web page for further updates, as well as our Twitter (@TE2100Plan and @EnvAgencyAnglia). In the meantime you can contact us at:


  • Community Information drop-in

    From 14 Dec 2022 at 11:00 to 14 Dec 2022 at 14:00

    On 14 December 2022 we are holding a drop-in event at Jimmy Mac’s, 4 Eastern Esplanade,
    Canvey Island, SS8 7DN.
    This event will give you the chance to find out more about the scheme and you will have
    the chance to ask the project team questions. Please feel free to drop in anytime between
    11am-2pm. A selection of complimentary hot drinks and mince pies will be served.


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