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We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

We consulted on the application to vary the radioactive substances environmental permit for Hinkley Point C Power Station from 18 July 2022 to 14 August 2022. It provided the opportunity for the public, professional bodies, businesses and other stakeholders to provide comments on the application.

You said

We received 41 responses to the consultation from various stakeholders. The responses included various comments and questions which have been summarised in the decision document (found below under ‘Files’).

We did

We assessed the application and the consultation responses were considered as part of determining the application. We issued the permit variation on 6 October 2022. The key changes to the permit are:

  •  removal of pre-operational measure (POM) 1 from Schedule 3, Table S1.3A
  • amendment of Information Condition (IC) 14
  • removal of Disposal Outlet A3 – Interim Spent Fuel Store (ISFS) Stack
  • amendment of Table S3.2 and Table S3.4

We asked

The Environment Agency, in partnership with Isle of Wight Council, is developing a coastal defence scheme at Shanklin Esplanade on the Isle of Wight. We sought views on how the coastal frontage along Shanklin Esplanade is used, what is most valued about it, and the perceptions amongst stakeholders of flood and coastal erosion risks both now and in the future. This will help to inform how we engage with stakeholders going forward, and capture any concerns, ideas and opportunities in the shortlist of options that we present to the public in Summer 2023.

You said

We received 44 responses in total. 31 responses were made via the Shanklin Coastal Defence Scheme Citizen Space webpage; the remaining 13 were made via hard copy versions held at Shanklin Library. 

We did

The information obtained from the Shanklin Coastal Defence Scheme public realm questionnaire will be used to support the confirmation of a short list of options that could be used to reduce the risk of coastal erosion to the sea wall in Shanklin. These will be presented to the public in June/July 2023, when individuals, businesses, community groups and organisations will be invited to offer their views on the options. We will also be using the responses to plan the format, content and timing of our future engagement and communication activities.

Individuals who wish to follow up their responses, or points made within this document, in more detail are welcome to contact us at IOWFD_schemes@environment-agency.gov.uk.


We asked

We asked your views on an application to vary the radioactive substances permit for BAE Systems Marine Ltd, Barrow Shipyards.

You said

We received 2 responses in total to our public consultation. Of these responses, 1 was from an individual and 1 was from an organisation. The responses we received have been summarised in the consultation response document.

We did

We assessed the application and the consultation responses were considered as part of this assessment. We issued the permit variation on 23 August 2022. The key changes to the permit are:

  • extension of the permit boundary to include Devonshire Dock Quay
  • addition of conditions and limits for keeping and use of radioactive material and accumulation of solid and liquid radioactive waste at Devonshire Dock Quay