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  • Onshore oil and gas regulation - information page

    The Environment Agency is the environmental regulator for onshore oil and gas operations in England. We ensure that oil and gas operations are carried out in a way that protects people and the environment. We work with a number of regulatory bodies to oversee shale gas exploration in England. The leaflets below explain more about the Environment Agency’s role and some of the controls that are in place to protect people and the environment. Environment Agency regulation... More
    Opened 19 September 2017
  • York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) Information page

    The York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) is funded by the UK Government with the aim of reducing the risk of flooding to homes and businesses in York. We have created this page to provide easy access to information on the scheme. As the programme of work is coming to an end, we are no longer updating these pages or issuing quarterly newsletters for the whole scheme. However, if you want to receive updates on the schemes which are still active, you can email us at... More
    Opened 30 April 2018
  • River basin planning

    Water is a precious resource that we can’t live without, from supplying drinking water and supporting fisheries to providing an essential resource to business and agriculture, and a source of recreation. Water pollution and drought threaten these things. Therefore, it is critical that our rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal areas, wetlands and groundwater are managed properly. This ensures the needs of society, the economy and environment can be met and maintained... More
    Opened 22 June 2018
  • The River Roding Project information page

    Updated 18 September 2023 This page provides a latest update, a summary of our work and the background to the project which aims to reduce flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure in the Woodford and Ilford areas, as well as how we plan to improve the River Roding for people and wildlife Latest project progress The project received planning permission in August 2023 from both Epping Forest District Council and Brentwood Borough Council. Please use the links below to... More
    Opened 12 September 2018
  • Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page

    Update June 2023 We have a new website for all the latest information on the Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme at Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme | Engage Environment Agency ( . Please note that we will no longer be updating this site. Update - February 2022 update We are writing to update you on work we are carrying out on the Lower Mole. In our November 2021 update newsletter, we mentioned that our project team were working through a number of... More
    Opened 13 December 2018
  • Outstrays to Skeffling Managed Realignment Scheme

    This page provides information about the Outstrays to Skeffling Managed Realignment Scheme (OtSMRS). We have organised it to include background information (next section, below the newsletters) and a description of proposals developed prior to obtaining planning consent (lower down this page, under the heading ‘Earlier proposals for the scheme’). These both describe the development of the scheme and how it has progressed since it was first conceived. OtSMRS is a joint initiative... More
    Opened 20 December 2018
  • Humber 2100+

    Welcome to the Humber2100+ Information Page Here you will find the latest information on the development of the new Humber Strategy and how you can get involved. You can find out more about flood risk on the Humber and what we are doing to manage it by taking a look at our latest newsletter or by visiting the Humber Story Map If you are having problems accessing the storymap Click here for an accessible version. Due to the enormous economic... More
    Opened 4 February 2019
  • Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme Information Page

    The Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme is a £12 million scheme to improve flood defences in Exmouth. The Environment Agency worked in partnership with East Devon District Council to deliver the scheme which will reduce the risk of tidal flooding to over 1,400 residential and 400 commercial properties. Why is a new tidal defence scheme needed? Exmouth has a long history of tidal flooding . The worst recorded flooding was in 1960 when Exmouth flooded twice, with nearly 1000... More
    Opened 1 April 2019
  • Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon Flood Alleviation Scheme – information page

    Following our public drop-in events with the Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon communities in summer 2019, we have continued work to finalise the design for the Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon flood alleviation scheme, which aims to protect these communities from further flooding. As part of the design process, we have undertaken modelling of the River Blackwater upstream of Coggeshall. The outputs from this have helped to inform and refine the design of the scheme,... More
    Opened 8 May 2019
  • Grange Landfill Site, Rotherham (Dropping Well Tip) -Information Page

    Welcome to the Grange Landfill Information Page. This page provides access to information on the permit variation for Grange Landfill and the Environment Agency role in permit regulation. We will keep this page updated as the situation progresses so please keep checking back for what’s new. You can view our latest frequently asked questions (FAQs) or download a copy at the end of this page. Coronavirus: The Environment Agency response More... More
    Opened 13 June 2019
  • Ouse Washes Section 10 Works information page

    The purpose of this page is to provide information on how we comply with the Reservoirs Act 1975 and how we maintain the protection from flood risk for homes and businesses along the Ouse Washes. The Ouse Washes Flood Storage Reservoir, is a 90,000,000m 3 flood storage reservoir located in Cambridgeshire. It is approximately 30km (19 miles) long and up to 0.8km (0.5 miles) wide providing 1,900 hectares (approximately 4,700 acres) of land between the banks. The Dutch Engineer, Sir... More
    Opened 13 June 2019
  • Removal of Dove Cliff weir - information page

    Page created July 2019. Last updated 8 April 2022. Since our last update in November 2021, we have continued with some ongoing land reinstatement works and started post-construction landscaping. With spring on the horizon, the wildflower seed mix, sown by our partners at Transforming the Trent Valley, has developed nicely. We are confident that it will continue to grow as expected through the summer and are ready to reseed where necessary once we see the coverage later in... More
    Opened 17 July 2019
  • Mereway Weir Replacement

    Updated on: 6 July 2022 Welcome to the Mereway project information webpage. Please click the link below to FAQs at the bottom of the page. FAQs What is currently happening? We are currently constructing the Mereway Fish Pass following planning permission and setting up the site. This will sit between the Duke of Northumberland's River and the River Crane next to the recently refurbished Mereway Weir, in Mereway Nature Reserve. Please see the map below for... More
    Opened 17 July 2019
  • Hertfordshire and North London Incident Notifications

    You can now sign up to receive email notifications of significant and major environmental incidents affecting watercourses in the Environment Agency's Hertfordshire and North London Area (see map below). Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page . We will aim to issue key messages on the first working day of our response to significant and major environmental incidents. We will then issue periodic updates of our progress responding to the incident. When you receive one of... More
    Opened 1 October 2019
  • Reducing flooding in Reading and Caversham information page

    Scheme update We have concluded our review of the proposed scheme for Reading and Caversham to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses. This includes a review of: flood walls earth embankments a bypass channel This included a review of the scheme costs and benefits. We found that there is an increase in costs and a reduction in the economic benefits the scheme could provide. We follow the Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management appraisal... More
    Opened 26 February 2020
  • TEAM 2100: Marsh Dykes

    UPDATE – July 2021 Please see our latest newsletters which will explain what we have done so far at Lake 5 and information about the works. February 2021 Newsletter March 2021 Newsletter June 2021 Newsletter Since our November 2020 virtual drop we have started work and successfully installed our temporary site, compound and welfare area. Flood defence works to take place in Thamesmead There will be some flood... More
    Opened 9 March 2020
  • Cross border salmon and sea trout protection byelaws for the Rivers Dee and Wye

    Defra has recently confirmed cross border byelaws for the Rivers Dee and Wye (in England) to protect salmon and sea trout stocks. The new byelaws agreed by the Environment Agency will protect salmon and sea trout in the English parts of the Wye and Dee. It is in place until 31 December 2029. The byelaws mirror those introduced earlier this year by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) and confirmed by Welsh Government which came into force on 31 January 2020. ... More
    Opened 5 June 2020
  • Blue-Green Algae in Cumbria and Lancashire

    Blue-Green Algae is a naturally occurring environmental phenomenon which becomes more likely during periods of warm, dry weather. It’s growth is exacerbated by nutrient pollution which contributes to the formation of blooms in the right conditions. We have set up this page to provide information on known Blue-Green Algae locations in Cumbria and Lancashire Blue-Green Algae poses a small risk to human health if a person comes into direct contact with it. It can also be a... More
    Opened 15 July 2020
  • Holderness Drain Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) - Information Page

    Welcome to the Holderness Drain Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page. We have created this page to provide information on the Holderness Drain Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS). This will reduce the risk of flooding to homes in the North Carr and Sutton areas of Hull. We will continue to update this page as we progress this scheme so please keep checking for what’s new. Background The Holderness Drain Flood Alleviation Scheme... More
    Opened 14 August 2020
  • Tadcaster Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) Information Page

    We can't prevent flooding from rivers and streams entirely, but we can reduce the risk of flooding. By working with our partners and people who are at risk, we can minimise it’s effects and reduce the damage it causes. Welcome to the Tadcaster Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page. We have created this page to share information and updates on the planned flood alleviation scheme for Tadcaster. We will continue to add information to this... More
    Opened 26 August 2020
  • Tenbury Wells Flood Risk Management Scheme

    Page created 18 September 2020. Last updated 18 August 2023. Flooding in Tenbury Wells Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire is situated on the banks of the River Teme. A tributary, the Kyre Brook, also joins the River Teme in the town. Tenbury has suffered from extensive flooding to large parts of the town on several occasions, most recently in November 2019 and in February 2020, when levels were just below those which occurred in 2007. The community is at... More
    Opened 18 September 2020
  • Thorney Island Habitat Creation Scheme Information Page

    Latest Update - August 2022 More Information Latest Update - November 2021 More Information In July 2021, the project team successfully secured additional funding to progress the scheme to the next stage (Outline Business Case), after the ground investigation results confirmed the presence in low concentrations of the now banned insecticide DDT in a number of sites across the project area. While the levels encountered are safe and acceptable... More
    Opened 14 October 2020
  • Severn Valley Water Management Scheme

    Last updated: April 2023 1. Water management of the River Severn 2. Background to the water management scheme 3. Proposed scheme details 4. Timescales – What are we doing and when? 5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Project Updates April 2023 Update In February 2023 a new SVWMS Flood Action Group Forum met for the first time. This Forum is composed of Flood Action Groups (FLAGs) which have formed over recent years across the... More
    Opened 7 December 2020
  • Rethinking Water Citizens’ Juries overview information page

    The Environment Agency and its partners are holding five targeted Rethinking Water Citizens’ Juries to discuss the important question: How do you connect with water in your local environment, and what needs to be changed in the future to benefit people and wildlife? This is about involving communities in decisions about the future of their local river. Listening and working with others to understand their priorities is an essential element... More
    Opened 22 February 2021
  • Beales Corner, Bewdley, Flood Risk Management Scheme

    Page created February 2021. Last u pdated 24 August 2023. *Project Update* 24 August 2023 Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our public meeting on 17 August. For those of you who were unable to attend, or would like to view the presentation that was shared on the day, the slides can be accessed here Please see our latest newsletter, published 2 August 2023 for further information on roadworks and traffic management here ... More
    Opened 2 March 2021
  • Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point Strategy Enhancing the Lincolnshire Coast

    The Environment Agency is working to reduce flood risk to 20,000 residential homes, 1,700 businesses, 24,500 static caravans, 35,000 hectares of farmland and a bustling tourist industry. The Lincolnshire coastal flood plain has a long history of flooding from the sea and many forms of defence are now in place including sand dunes, seawalls, rock/timber structures and beaches. Just over 45,000 people live within the Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point Strategy area and each... More
    Opened 11 March 2021
  • Park Wood information page

    Welcome to Park Wood information page. We have created this page to provide easy access to information on the project. We will be updating this site as the project progresses, so please keep checking for what's new . Latest Update - March 2023 We carry out a Public Safety Risk Assessment on all our signposted footpaths in Park Wood. We will be closing a section of the footpath at the location shown below (in red) because we need to remove the board walk... More
    Opened 29 March 2021
  • Farlington Marshes Project information page

    Welcome to the Farlington Marshes Project information page. As the project progresses, we will provide updates through this information page and via our newsletter. To be added to the mailing list for the newsletter, please email us . Summer ground investigation works The ground investigation works at Farlington Marshes are now complete. All footpaths are now open and all the car parking spaces are now available. These works, carried... More
    Opened 30 March 2021
  • Canvey Island southern shoreline revetment project - information page

    This project will maintain the existing high level of tidal flood risk protection to thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure on Canvey Island into the future, a key aspiration of the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan . It will protect the tidal defences against erosion and extend their useful life to 2070 in light of increasing sea levels due to climate change. The works are planned and delivered as part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM) 2100 Programme . This is... More
    Opened 10 May 2021
  • Information to support the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) permit reviews for Food, Drink and Milk Industries.

    The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) requires EPR permits to be reviewed within four years of publication of the relevant Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BRef) BAT conclusions. The Food, Drink and Milk Industries BRef was published on 4 December 2019. More
    Opened 11 May 2021
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