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  • Information on Cuadrilla's Preston New Road Site

    Regulation of Cuadrilla's Site at Preston New Road We will regularly update this page with information we receive through our audits, site inspections, check monitoring and sampling work. The latest information can be found using the links under the heading 'Related Documents'. This... More
    Opened 30 January 2017
  • Onshore oil and gas regulation - information page

    The Environment Agency is the environmental regulator for onshore oil and gas operations in England. We ensure that oil and gas operations are carried out in a way that protects people and the environment. We work with a number of regulatory bodies to oversee shale gas exploration in England.... More
    Opened 19 September 2017
  • York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) Information page

    The York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) is funded by the UK Government with the aim of reducing the risk of flooding to homes and businesses in York. We have created this page to provide easy access to information on the scheme. We will be updating it as we progress individual projects... More
    Opened 30 April 2018
  • River basin planning

    Note - due to the impact of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the updates to the RBMPs has not progressed as fast as we had originally planned. We will now not be in a position to consult on draft RBMPs until after this summer. We will inform stakeholders as soon as we have more certainty... More
    Opened 22 June 2018
  • Working together to adapt to a changing climate: flood and coast

    We know climate change is going to increase flood or coastal erosion risk for many communities. There will be some places where the current ways to manage risk will not work in the long term, and alternative, more sustainable options will be needed. We need to work closely with those... More
    Opened 3 August 2018
  • Humber: Hull Frontage Flood Defence Improvements - Information Page

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) update The Environment Agency has remained operational throughout the Coronavirus emergency. We have adapted how we work in line with government guidance to ensure we can continue to focus on our critical activities. We will continue to review the situation in... More
    Opened 21 August 2018
  • The River Roding Project information page

    Updated November 2020 Welcome to The River Roding Project Information Page This page provides a summary of our work to reduce the flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure in the Woodford and Ilford areas (North East London), as well as how we plan to improve the River... More
    Opened 12 September 2018
  • Houghton Brook Flood Storage Area Information Page

    Updated 1 December 2020 Please use this page to find out the latest information for our Houghton Brook Flood Storage Area. Project progress The scheme is on track for completion in spring 2021. The Houghton Brook was successfully diverted into its new course in October, under... More
    Opened 3 October 2018
  • The River Pinn Project information page

    Updated 15 February 2021 Welcome to the River Pinn project information page. This page provides background information to flooding along the River Pinn and a summary of our work to reduce the flood risk to homes, businesses and infrastructure along the river. Key updates Engagement... More
    Opened 10 October 2018
  • Ponteland Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page

    Ponteland has experienced flooding from the River Pont in previous years. In order to mitigate against flood risk, the Environment Agency maintains a range of assets in the area, such as flood walls, flood embankments and pumping stations. What have we done so far? ... More
    Opened 21 November 2018
  • Burton Flood Risk Management Scheme Information

    Updated 26 February 2021- next update due 31 May 2021 Background Burton is entwined with the River Trent, its history is fundamentally linked to the river and its growth has depended on it. Before the defences were built flood events regularly impacted on... More
    Opened 10 December 2018
  • Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page

    Update Interactive Website Launch - Wednesday 3 February We are pleased to announce the launch of a new interactive website which details our proposed options for updating the Lower Mole flood alleviation... More
    Opened 13 December 2018
  • Outstrays to Skeffling Managed Realignment Scheme

    February 2021: Update on changes to the scheme Please read the attached briefing which outlines some changes we and our partner, Associated British Ports, have made to the scheme. 2021 Update: temporary closure of this page Between the end of December 2020 and 12th... More
    Opened 20 December 2018
  • Humber 2100+

    Welcome to the Humber2100+ Information Page Here you will find the latest information on the development of the new Humber Strategy and how you can get involved. You can find out more about flood risk on the Humber and what we are doing to manage it by visiting the Humber Story... More
    Opened 4 February 2019
  • Information to support the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) permit reviews for the Intensive Rearing of Pigs and Poultry (IRPP) Sector

    The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) requires EPR permits to be reviewed when the relevant Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BRef) for the sector is published. The Intensive Rearing of Pigs and Poultry BRef was published in February 2017. The Environment Agency... More
    Opened 26 February 2019
  • Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme Information Page

    The Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme is a £12 million scheme to improve flood defences in Exmouth. The Environment Agency is working in partnership with East Devon District Council to deliver the scheme which will reduce the risk of tidal flooding to over 1,400 residential and 400 commercial... More
    Opened 1 April 2019
  • Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon Flood Alleviation Scheme – information page

    Following our public drop-in events with the Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon communities in summer 2019, we have continued to work to the final design for the Coggeshall, Feering and Kelvedon flood alleviation scheme, which aims to protect these communities from further flooding. As part of... More
    Opened 8 May 2019
  • Ruislip – Park Wood and Pinn Meadows Flood Partnership

    Updated: 15 February 2021 Key updates Engagement Coronavirus is affecting us all, presenting significant challenges and demanding adaptive ways of working. The situation is constantly developing and changing and it is essential that we observe and comply with the UK Government’s... More
    Opened 23 May 2019
  • Feedback on Yorkshire Area Information Pages

    We are using Citizen Space on-line pages as a way to keep you informed about some of the significant issues and works going on in your local area. Each page we create is unique in the issue it covers, and the level of involvement sought. Some are purely for information, while others will seek... More
    Opened 3 June 2019
  • St. Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (StARR) project

    The St. Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (STARR) project aims to reduce flood risk to over 800 homes and businesses in Par and St. Blazey. The scheme will bring additional benefits to the area by encouraging investment and making the area a better place to work, live and play. We are... More
    Opened 10 June 2019
  • Grange Landfill Site, Rotherham (Dropping Well Tip) -Information Page

    Welcome to the Grange Landfill Information Page. We have created this page to provide easy access to information on the permit variation for Grange Landfill and the Environment Agency role in permit regulation. We will keep this page updated as the situation progresses... More
    Opened 13 June 2019
  • Ouse Washes Section 10 Works information page

    Coronavirus is causing concern across the country for everyone, both personally and professionally. Our key priorities are to protect the health, safety and well-being of our own staff, the public and the businesses and partners we work with; to prevent loss of life and serious harm to... More
    Opened 13 June 2019
  • Removal of Dove Cliff weir - information page

    Page created July 2019. Last updated 20 January 2021. Our contractors, Stonbury, continue to work following current Government Coronavirus guidelines. Archaeological discovery The previous works carried out to isolate the temporary bypass channel resulted in a... More
    Opened 17 July 2019
  • Mereway Weir Replacement

    Updated on: 11 February 2021 Welcome to the Mereway project information webpage. Please click the link below to FAQs at the bottom of the page. FAQs What is currently happening? We are planning to install the fish pass between the Duke of Northumberland and the River Crane... More
    Opened 17 July 2019
  • Changes in the regulatory framework for abstraction and impoundment licensing - move to Environmental Permitting Regulations

    Coronavirus Update (1st Jun): A response to Coronavirus (Covid-19) The Minister has made the decision to delay the consultation for and implementation of abstraction and impounding licensing moving into the Environmental Permitting Regulations. Therefore Defra... More
    Opened 27 September 2019
  • Hertfordshire and North London Incident Notifications

    You can now sign up to receive email notifications of significant and major environmental incidents affecting watercourses in the Environment Agency's Hertfordshire and North London Area (see map below). Just fill out the form at the bottom of this page . We will aim to issue key messages on... More
    Opened 1 October 2019
  • Poplars Cannock information page

    Page created January 2020. Last updated 13 October 2020. Coronavirus: The Environment Agency response We are working hard with Government and other emergency responders on protecting the public and the environment from the effects of Coronavirus. The Environment Agency remains fully... More
    Opened 20 January 2020
  • Water Resources Priority Catchments

    We have created this page to provide easy access to information on priority catchments. We will be updating this site as the catchment projects and trials progress so please keep checking back for what’s new. Update to content: December 2020: First four priority catchment... More
    Opened 31 January 2020
  • Walley’s Quarry Landfill Site, Cemetery Road, Silverdale, Newcastle under Lyme ST56DH

    Walley’s Quarry Landfill Site, Cemetery Road, Silverdale, Newcastle under Lyme ST56DH - Latest News - Update 26 February 2021: In response to increased community concern of odour within Silverdale and the surrounding areas we have installed an Air Quality Monitoring... More
    Opened 3 February 2020
  • Highfields Landfill Site, Walsall Road, Walsall, WS99AH

    Highfields Landfill Site, Walsall Road, Walsall, WS99AH Latest News- Updated February 2021 Odour Over the last couple of months we have seen an increase in reports of odour. We are sorry to hear about the situation you are experiencing.... More
    Opened 3 February 2020
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