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  • The River Roding Project information page

    Updated 18 September 2023 This page provides a latest update, a summary of our work and the background to the project which aims to reduce flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure in the Woodford and Ilford areas, as well as how we plan to improve the River Roding for people and wildlife Latest project progress The project received planning permission in August 2023 from both Epping Forest District Council and Brentwood Borough Council. Please use the links below to... More
    Closes 31 December 2025
  • Gadebridge Park river restoration information page

    We are working with Dacorum Borough Council and Affinity Water to help restore the River Gade at Gadebridge Park, a globally rare and valuable chalk stream. The project will provide multiple benefits, including improved habitats for wildlife, the protection of water resources for both people and the environment, better resilience to low flows, flood flows and the impacts of climate change, and allowing local residents and visitors to get closer to the river and enjoy nature. ... More
    Closes 31 December 2025
  • Canvey Island southern shoreline revetment project - information page

    This project will maintain the existing high level of tidal flood risk protection to thousands of homes, businesses and infrastructure on Canvey Island into the future, a key aspiration of the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan . It will protect the tidal defences against erosion and extend their useful life to 2070 in light of increasing sea levels due to climate change. The works are planned and delivered as part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management (TEAM) 2100 Programme . This is... More
    Closes 31 October 2025
  • Sustainable Abstraction in East Anglia

    The Environment Agency is England’s environmental regulator, and it is its duty to ensure that water supplies are sustainable for the future. If no action is taken now, many areas of England will face water shortages by 2050, as water demand from people, industry and agriculture will exceed water availability in many parts of the country. The Environment Agency’s Restoring Sustainable Abstraction (RSA) programme has returned 49 billion litres of water a year to the... More
    Closes 31 October 2025
  • West London Communities Information Page

    Updated on 24 October 2023 What is this page? This page contains the latest updates from the West London Communities project. It provides the context for why the project is being delivered and also gives you links to important related information, including recent newsletters, FAQs and other related projects going ahead that link to this one. Links to relevant documents can be found at the bottom of this page. We will update this page every 6 months at this stage of the... More
    Closes 30 September 2025
  • West Midlands Drought page

    The Situation The Environment Agency’s West Midlands area has now moved from Prolonged Dry Weather to Normal status. We will review this status should we see a significant change. During the month of July unsettled weather and above average rainfall fell over the West Midlands, which has allowed river flows and reservoir levels to improve. With reservoirs operating within normal levels for this time of year there are currently no concerns over public... More
    Closes 31 July 2025
  • Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme - Gallery

    November 2021: The groyne installation progress and finished works for the year. The barge taking shingle to the beach as part of the interim beach nourishment. Work gets underway on the Lydd Ranges Scheme The first groyne pile going in at Lydd Ranges. The Green Wall track looking west from the Jury’s Gap compound. Timber groynes will be instated to stabilise the beach and new beach... More
    Closes 23 July 2025
  • Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme - Environment

    The  Lydd Ranges frontage extends eastwards from Jury’s Gap near Camber in East Sussex and for approximately 8.2km to Dungeness nuclear power station, Kent. The area within and surrounding the Lydd Ranges frontage is of high nature conservation value. This is reflected in the extensive statutory designations that are present throughout the study area, including: Dungeness Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Dungeness, Romney Marsh and Rye... More
    Closes 23 July 2025
  • Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme - Upcoming works

    May 2023 update Shortly, we will be resuming works on the Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme. We expect the scheme to be complete at the end of 2023. The works we will complete this year and timings are summarised in the table below. The majority of the works are continuations of works from the previous years, using similar equipment and methodology, with two exceptions: This year, some rock will be moved by lorry to planned works in Shoreham, Sussex. This will... More
    Closes 23 July 2025
  • Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme - Why do we need the scheme?

    The  Lydd Ranges frontage extends from Jury’s Gap near Camber in East Sussex and extends eastwards for approximately 8.2km to Dungeness nuclear power station, Kent. The Folkestone to Cliff End Strategy (FoCES) reports 600 properties at risk of flooding from a 0.5% AEP event by 2108. 30 properties would be immediately at-risk, post breach (failure) of the defences. The Lydd Ranges and infrastructure would also be at risk. The site is a premier live firing... More
    Closes 23 July 2025
  • Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme - Timeline

    The site compound is located within the Environment Agency’s existing compound at Jury’s Gap. We have also established a satellite compound at South Brooks, which will reduce some of the activity that otherwise would have taken place at Jury’s Gap. We will be starting works on the beach in summer 2021. Please see the map below which shows the key works for each year: 2021: works between Jury’s Gap and South Brooks (groynes, Green Wall, beach... More
    Closes 23 July 2025
  • Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme

    Welcome to the Lydd Ranges Sea Defences Scheme information page. Work on the scheme started in July to improve the existing sea defences to reduce the risk of coastal flooding. Once completed it will help better protect this environmentally important area, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Lydd firing range and people, property and businesses within the Romney Marsh area from coastal flooding and erosion. To learn more about the scheme please watch our welcome video . ... More
    Closes 17 July 2025
  • Keighley & Stockbridge FAS

    Reducing Flood Risk, Helping Keighley to Thrive We can't prevent flooding from rivers and streams entirely, but we can reduce the risk of flooding. By working with our partners and people who are at risk, we can minimise its effects and reduce the damage it causes. Welcome to the Keighley and Stockbridge Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page. We have created this page to share information and updates on the planned flood... More
    Closes 20 June 2025
  • Dirtness Pumping Station Improvement Scheme Information Page

    This information page provides an overview of the Dirtness Rationalisation Scheme and the catchment which the Dirtness Pump Station serves. Here you can read about the geography of the area, gain an understanding of our work, and read about the current situation and future of the Pump Station. Geography of the Area The Isle of Axholme is located across the East Riding of Yorkshire, Doncaster, North Lincolnshire, and Nottinghamshire. With areas of... More
    Closes 23 May 2025
  • Lower Witham Flood Resilience Project - Information Page

    Welcome to the Lower Witham Flood Resilience Project! This project information page is for all stakeholders with an interest in the future flood resilience of the Lower Witham. Here you will find information about the Lower Witham Flood Resilience Project led by the Environment Agency, including our latest newsletter, project background, location, progress and importantly how our stakeholders can get involved. Contents Click here for the contents... More
    Closes 30 April 2025
  • Lower Witham Flood Resilience Project Survey

    Thank you for clicking on the link to take part in our short survey about the Lower Witham Flood Resilience Project. We appreciate you giving us a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions and share your thoughts about flood resilience in the Lower Witham catchment. More
    Closes 30 April 2025
  • Rethinking Water Citizens’ Juries overview information page

    The Environment Agency and its partners are holding five targeted Rethinking Water Citizens’ Juries to discuss the important question: How do you connect with water in your local environment, and what needs to be changed in the future to benefit people and wildlife? This is about involving communities in decisions about the future of their local river. Listening and working with others to understand their priorities is an essential element... More
    Closes 1 April 2025
  • Luton and Dunstable Resilient and Adaptive Communities Information Page

    The Resilient and Adaptive Communities (RAC) project spans the Luton and Dunstable area, and is a partnership project between the Environment Agency, Central Bedfordshire Council and Luton Council. The towns of Luton and Dunstable are at a high risk of flooding from rivers, surface water, groundwater and sewers. Whilst much has been done to tackle flood risk over the years, the climate emergency, population growth and development pressures combine to make this a continuing and... More
    Closes 31 March 2025
  • Swan Draw Dock Information Page

    Background Swan Draw Dock is on the northern shore of the River Thames in Hammersmith and Fulham. The draw dock forms part of the River Thames and protects the local community from flooding. The eastern and northern walls of the draw dock are now at the end of their serviceable life and need to be repaired. The construction phase of this project is currently planned for early 2024. The work is part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100 (TEAM2100) Programme which... More
    Closes 31 January 2025
  • Barton to New Holland Tidal Flood Alleviation Scheme - Information Page

    Welcome to the Barton to New Holland Tidal Flood Alleviation Scheme! Flooding is a long-standing problem for the communities of Barton, Barrow, and New Holland. Previous tidal flood incidents have impacted lives, businesses, and homes. Highlighting the need for improved tidal flood defences and for communities in the area to be better prepared. We are working with project partners Jacobs and Arup to develop a sustainable approach to reduce the impacts of tidal flooding,... More
    Closes 31 January 2025
  • Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme

    Welcome to our information pages for the Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme. Site pages Scheme Overview (please continue reading below) Pollution of rivers by metals in the Tyne catchment Preventing pollution in the Nent and South Tyne Diffuse pollution interventions How a treatment scheme works How we chose the site Timeline Our Engagement Supporting Reports and Surveys FAQs ... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme - Our Engagement

    As the proposed design and construction of a scheme at Nenthead progresses. we want our stakeholders to: feel informed; know how and where to access information relating to our proposals; and be able to get involved and share your thoughts on proposals and our activities as they develop. On this page you can find our more about our engagement approach, and access materials used at past engagement events. If you are unable to find the information you need across... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme Information Page

    Update June 2023 We have a new website for all the latest information on the Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme at Lower Mole Flood Alleviation Scheme | Engage Environment Agency ( . Please note that we will no longer be updating this site. Update - February 2022 update We are writing to update you on work we are carrying out on the Lower Mole. In our November 2021 update newsletter, we mentioned that our project team were working through a number of... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme - Project Timeline

    What are the next steps for the Nenthead scheme? During 2022 - we continued work to develop our design proposals and carry out surveys to improve our understanding of the local ecology and ground conditions. We shared details with the community at formal events in May 2022 and November 2022. Since August 2022, monthly informal drop-in sessions have been held at the Hive in Nenthead so that anyone can ask the project team any questions. During 2023 – we will continue work... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme - Supporting Reports and Surveys

    We have completed a number of investigations to help us better understand the need for a scheme and the potential impacts of a treatment scheme on the local area, wildlife and environment. We have also included documents that show the design process. Reports that refer to site 101 are those referring to the current site for the Nenthead mine water treatment scheme proposals. Here we have provided a summary of the work we have carried out alongside links to the reports and documents.... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme - Diffuse Pollution Interventions

    Some of the river pollution is caused by water running across the site and washing metals out of the old mining waste. Surface water management We are also looking into how we can limit diffuse pollution by improving how surface water moves around the site in streams and leats. We are talking to the Nenthead Mines Conservation Society and Historic England to understand whether improvements can be made whilst also protecting the important industrial archaeology. ... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Nenthead Mine Water Treatment Scheme - Preventing Pollution in the Nent and South Tyne

    There are two types of pollution that need to be addressed to improve the water quality of the Rivers Nent and South Tyne. We need to tackle: point sources of pollution which involves removing dissolved metals from mine water before it reaches the watercourses and, diffuse sources of pollution, which includes preventing metal contaminated materials, such as from old spoil heaps, washing or eroding into rivers Tackling point source pollution Monitoring of the River... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point Strategy Enhancing the Lincolnshire Coast

    The Environment Agency is working to reduce flood risk to 20,000 residential homes, 1,700 businesses, 24,500 static caravans, 35,000 hectares of farmland and a bustling tourist industry. The Lincolnshire coastal flood plain has a long history of flooding from the sea and many forms of defence are now in place including sand dunes, seawalls, rock/timber structures and beaches. Just over 45,000 people live within the Saltfleet to Gibraltar Point Strategy area and each... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Greyfriars Community Flood Scheme

    Page created 15 December 2021, last updated 26 January 2023. Flooding in Hereford Hereford is subject to significant flood risk from the River Wye and has flooded a number of times. The most significant flood events have been in 1960, 1979, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2012, 2019, 2020 and 2021. In 2008 a Flood Risk Management Scheme was completed for the south bank of the River Wye reducing the risk of flooding in the Blackmarstone... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
  • Nent Mine Water Treatment Scheme - Pollution of rivers by metals in the Tyne catchment

    The River Nent is the second most metal polluted river in England, and the most polluted in northern England. This pollution by cadmium, lead and zinc comes from several different sources and the effects on water and sediment quality, and aquatic life can be seen for 60km along the River South Tyne and in the Tyne Estuary. Pollution of rivers by metal mines in the Tyne catchment. Although most mining activity had stopped by the mid-20th century, more than 150km of... More
    Closes 31 December 2024
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