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  • Fowlea Brook Flood Risk Management Scheme

    Updated 29 June 2022 - next update due Autumn 2022 Background The Fowlea Brook is a tributary of the River Trent with a catchment area of approximately 28 square km. It is an unattractive, heavily engineered, concrete lined channel through the centre... More
    Closes 31 May 2024
  • Alconbury Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme - information page

    Through the Alconbury Brook Flood Alleviation Scheme, we are developing a way forward to reduce the risk of flooding from the Alconbury Brook in Alconbury and Alconbury Weston. Flooding in Hamerton Road, Alconbury Weston, January 2021 Background to the scheme The... More
    Closes 25 May 2024
  • River Wye Water Quality

    Welcome to this information page which explains the Environment Agency’s analysis, activities and plans to improve water quality, reduce excess nutrients, and help improve environments in the Wye and Lugg river catchments. Whilst this focuses on the Environment Agency’s work, there are... More
    Closes 31 March 2024
  • Sanway-Byfleet Flood Alleviation Scheme

    This web page has been set up to share information about the Sanway-Byfleet Flood Alleviation Scheme. We welcome your feedback and questions on our proposals via our online survey or by using the contact details on the right-hand side of this page. The survey will be open from 12 May 2022 to... More
    Closes 11 March 2024
  • Reducing flooding in Reading and Caversham information page

    Scheme update We have concluded our review of the proposed scheme for Reading and Caversham to reduce the risk of flooding to homes and businesses. This includes a review of: flood walls earth embankments a bypass channel This included a review of the scheme costs... More
    Closes 28 February 2024
  • Loughborough Information Page

    Loughborough has a long history of flooding with detailed records dating back to the 1920s. As a result of severe flooding in the mid-1920s, public works projects were undertaken on the Wood Brook and the Burleigh Brook through the town. The works entailed culverting, channel straightening... More
    Closes 22 January 2024
  • Humber 2100+

    Welcome to the Humber2100+ Information Page Here you will find the latest information on the development of the new Humber Strategy and how you can get involved. You can find out more about flood risk on the Humber and what we are doing to manage it by taking a look at our latest... More
    Closes 6 January 2024
  • River Wharfe and Ilkley bathing water site information page

    Welcome to the River Wharfe and Ilkley bathing water site information page River Wharfe catchment The River Wharfe and its tributaries flow from the headwaters in the Yorkshire Dales National Park down to its confluence with the River Ouse near Cawood. Along... More
    Closes 5 January 2024
  • Limekiln Wharf Information Page

    Last Updated: 17 August 2022 Flood Defence works to take place in Limekiln Wharf There will be some flood defence work taking place in Limekiln Wharf. The works will include essential, non-intrusive site investigation works to assess what maintenance work is needed on the flood defence... More
    Closes 1 January 2024
  • Removal of Dove Cliff weir - information page

    Page created July 2019. Last updated 8 April 2022. Since our last update in November 2021, we have continued with some ongoing land reinstatement works and started post-construction landscaping. With spring on the horizon, the wildflower seed mix, sown by our partners at... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • Severn Valley Water Management Scheme

    Last updated: 29 June 2022 next update due: 30 September 2022 1. Water management of the River Severn 2. Background to the water management scheme 3. Proposed scheme details 4. Timescales – What are we doing and when? 5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) Information page

    The York Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) is funded by the UK Government with the aim of reducing the risk of flooding to homes and businesses in York. We have created this page to provide easy access to information on the scheme. We will keep updating it as we progress individual projects... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • Gadebridge Park river restoration information page

    We are working with Dacorum Borough Council and Affinity Water to help restore the River Gade at Gadebridge Park, a globally rare and valuable chalk stream. The project will provide multiple benefits, including improved habitats for wildlife, the protection of water resources for both people... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • Colwick (Holme Sluices) Fish Pass Information Page

    June 2022 The north and west walls of the fish pass have been sheet piled, concrete works have started on the north section and concrete piles for the first bridge have been installed. Dredging works have been completed at the inlet of the fish pass. The bubbles in... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • Tenbury Wells Flood Risk Management Scheme

    Page created 18 September 2020. Last updated 28 June 2022. Flooding in Tenbury Wells Tenbury Wells in Worcestershire is situated on the banks of the River Teme. A tributary, the Kyre Brook, also joins the River Teme in the town. Tenbury has suffered from... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • Castle Mill Sluice Decommissioning Project

    Welcome This is the Environment Agency's information page dedicated to essential construction work at Castle Mill Sluice, on the River Great Ouse, Bedford. The Environment Agency is carrying out the decommissioning of the mechanical and electrical components of Castle Mill... More
    Closes 31 December 2023
  • Information to support the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) permit reviews for Food, Drink and Milk Industries.

    The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) requires EPR permits to be reviewed within four years of publication of the relevant Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BRef) BAT conclusions. The Food, Drink and Milk Industries BRef was published on 4 December 2019. More
    Closes 4 December 2023
  • West Drayton Fish Passage Improvement

    Last Updated on Project Overview Welcome to West Drayton Fish Passage Improvement Project page. Groundwork South and the Environment Agency are working in partnership to resolve a series of issues affecting the River Colne at West Drayton Mill. This is an exciting project to... More
    Closes 4 August 2023
  • River Slea Flood Resilience Project

    The River Slea arises in the limestone hills to the north east of Grantham, flows in an easterly direction through the town of Sleaford and on towards Cobblers Lock. In the east of the town the river splits to follow the Slea Navigation channel to the north and the original course of the Old... More
    Closes 21 July 2023
  • Lower Witham Flood Resilience Project

    The Lower River Witham catchment is a large area of fenland between Lincoln and Boston. With land levels ranging from only 1 to 4m above sea level, this area would naturally be marshy wetland. A historic legacy of drainage works and embanked watercourses has enabled the highly productive... More
    Closes 21 July 2023
  • Matlock Flood Wall

    Name the Crane We now have 5 names to choose from. Cast your vote here . Voting closes at midnight on 28th August. What happened Following a storm event in February 2022, a 20m section of the flood defence wall in Matlock, Derbyshire collapsed. Following... More
    Closes 1 July 2023
  • St. Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (StARR) project

    The St. Austell Bay Resilient Regeneration (STARR) project aims to reduce flood risk to over 800 homes and businesses in Par and St. Blazey. The scheme will bring additional benefits to the area by encouraging investment and making the area a better place to work, live and play. We are... More
    Closes 31 May 2023
  • TEAM2100: Barnes and Mortlake project

    July Update - Tr affic Update Please note that traffic management will be in place intermittently throughout the week and until the end of the project. We aim to have minimum disruption and will only impose traffic management and closures when necessary. We are aiming to keep this to a... More
    Closes 10 May 2023
  • River Eau

    Welcome to the River Eau information page - last updated 10th February 2022 This page provides information about the River Eau, with a focus on the flood risk associated with this river, the causes of flooding, completed investigations and ongoing work in the area. Please use... More
    Closes 30 April 2023
  • Lowdham Information Page

    Lowdham Cocker Beck Flood Alleviation Scheme Key Facts about the Lowdham Flood Alleviation Scheme 195 properties will be better protected from flooding 1% Annual Exceedance Probability Standard of Protection 20% Biodiversity Net... More
    Closes 30 April 2023
  • Rethinking Water Citizens’ Juries overview information page

    The Environment Agency and its partners are holding five targeted Rethinking Water Citizens’ Juries to discuss the important question: How do you connect with water in your local environment, and what needs to be changed in the future to benefit people and... More
    Closes 1 April 2023
  • Farlington Marshes Project information page

    Welcome to the Farlington Marshes Project information page. As the project progresses, we will provide updates through this information page and via our newsletter. To be added to the mailing list for the newsletter, please email us . Latest Update - 17... More
    Closes 31 March 2023
  • Feedback on Yorkshire Area Information Pages

    We are using Citizen Space on-line pages as a way to keep you informed about some of the significant issues and works going on in your local area. Each page we create is unique in the issue it covers, and the level of involvement sought. Some are purely for information, while others will seek... More
    Closes 31 March 2023
  • Tadcaster Flood Alleviation Scheme (FAS) Information Page

    We can't prevent flooding from rivers and streams entirely, but we can reduce the risk of flooding. By working with our partners and people who are at risk, we can minimise it’s effects and reduce the damage it causes. Welcome to the Tadcaster Flood... More
    Closes 31 March 2023
  • Water for Tomorrow – information page

    Water is a scarce and diminishing resource yet it is essential for all sectors. Future pressures such as climate change and population growth will increase the demand for water and we need to work together with partners, businesses and communities to find long-lasting solutions. Ahead... More
    Closes 31 March 2023
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