Medium Combustion Plant Directive and Specified Generator Regulations

Closes 5 Mar 2019

Opened 6 Sep 2018


The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2018 SI 110 were published in January 2018 to transpose the requirements of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) EU/2015/2193 of 25 November 2015 and to control emissions from the operation of Specified Generators

Medium Combustion Plants and Specified Generators are a major source of air pollutants that may cause harm to human health and the environment.  The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) sets out rules to control emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and dust into the air. The Specified Generator regulations also control emission to air, primarily NOx, from generators that would not be captured by the MCPD. Together they seek to protect the environment by securing reductions of these pollutants.

Within the regulations the requirements for Medium Combustion Plants (MCPs) are set out in Schedule 25A and for Specified Generators (SGs) in Schedule 25B. The schedules include significant dates for submitting a permit application.

The Environment Agency administers and regulates the scheme for England. The other UK regulators include: Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) and Natural Resources Wales (NRW)

The below documents cover the permit application process, including guidance, charges, and how to comply with the regulations.

We have published this information and these documents to our Citizen Space consultation hub to allow you to find out how we will regulate MCP and SG Regulations.

This is an interim measure while we prepare the documentation for publishing to GOV.UK. If you wish to contact us for advice or apply for a permit you may do so using these forms from 6 September 2018.

We will update this page to tell you when the application pack has moved to GOV.UK.

Updated Bespoke application form has been added 01/10/18.  Please make sure you use the updated version.

We have today issued our Regulatory Position Statement for the permitting of Tranche B specified generators and a copy is available below.

Updated Standard Rules application form has been added 28/11/2018. Please make sure you use the updated version.

Standard Rule Permit (SRP) Applications and Support

The 9 Standard Rule Sets can be found on GOV.UK using the following link

Note: Standard Rule Sets required for future years (e.g. existing MCPs or for Tranche A – Specified Generators) or for scenarios not currently covered by the existing standard rules sets will be drafted and consulted on as required.

All MCP and Specified Generator SRP related queries should be sent to:

All completed MCP and Specified Generator SRP applications should be sent to:

Please include proof of payment if making an electronic transfer (BACS).

Environment Agency has launched an additional public consultation in relation to the permitting of Specified Generators. For further information please use the link below


Bespoke Permit Applications and Support

For further details and a pre-application request form, please see our website:

All completed MCP and Specified Generator Bespoke applications should be sent to:

M5 Monitoring of Stack Emissions from Medium Combustion Plants and Specified Generators has now been published on and the link is:

We have reduced the screening distance to 5km to determine when an assessment is required of aerial emissions on Habitat’s sites from MCP/SG fired on natural gas or low-sulphur diesel. When using fuels such as biogas and landfill gas the screening distance remains unchanged at 10 km.

We have added Article 14 Energy Efficiency Directive guidance to enable a cost and benefits analysis to be undertaken where required in relation to SRP No.7.



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