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Closed 31 Dec 2018

Opened 5 Jul 2018


Our role is to protect and improve the environment so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a clean, safe and healthy place to live, work and play. We are responsible for granting or refusing environmental permits and regulating sites that deal with waste.

On 23 March 2016 we granted a permit variation for Grange Landfill site in Rotherham.

Our decision to grant Grange Landfill Ltd’s permit variation application to allow the resumption of landfilling at this site was made with regard to due process and current legislation, and has been the subject of detailed internal peer review. We are satisfied that we have acted appropriately and correctly in making this decision within the powers that we have available to us and taking account of any relevant evidence that can be proven and upheld in a court of law.


When landfill activities ceased at this site in the late 1990's, the planning permission and environmental permit allowing landfilling activity remained in place.  This meant that we were obliged under the Environmental Permitting Regulations to consider any proposal to resume landfilling and to allow the resumption of landfilling, if the operator could demonstrate that the new activity complied with current landfill regulations and environmental standards.

Therefore, when the current permit holder (Grange Landfill Ltd) applied to us in late 2015 for a variation of the permit we were required under the Regulations to consider their proposals.  We must have regard to due process and legislation and we can only consider the proposal to resume landfilling on the merits of the supporting operating procedures and environmental risk assessments required by the legislation.  In this case, we have had no cause or grounds to refuse the operating company’s application or to subsequently revoke the permit.

Legislation has changed significantly since the site was last operational and there are now much more stringent controls in place for operators who want to landfill. The environmental permits and attached conditions that we issue, are the mechanisms we use to protect the environment. In the case of Grange Landfill site, the protections for the environment are now much higher under the varied permit and requires the operator to undertake works that ensure the site is managed to a much higher standard than before.

Permit Variation

Modern environmental permits take account of all the new legislative requirements and requires a site operator to do more to safeguard people and the environment than would have been required previously, such as

  • Environmental monitoring (pollution control)
  • Site Infrastructure (appropriate lining)
  • Strict procedures (waste acceptance)

The permit variation granted in March 2016, imposed a range of new conditions including requirements to install groundwater and landfill gas monitoring infrastructure to the whole site and to agree the surface water management, prior to any deposit of waste. The site will be operated in accordance with the permit conditions and an Environmental Management System.

In addition, the new permit only allows the deposit of inert waste. The updated legislation means that the definition of inert wastes has changed.
Inert waste is now defined as "waste that does not undergo any significant physical, chemical or biological transformation" for example stones and soils.

A copy of the permit variation is available to download below:

DB3803MN - Grange landfill variation

Competent Operator

We are aware of concerns that have been raised about the suitability of one of the directors of the operating company as Fit and Proper Person due to statements made by the director during a civil court case. 
The Environmental Permitting Regulations clearly set out the criteria which we can take into account when considering someone’s suitability as a Fit and Proper Person.  The director has not been convicted of a relevant offence and does not have a record of continued and serious non-compliances with current permits.  Therefore, we are satisfied that we have carried out our Fit and Proper Person assessments appropriately and in accordance with the designated criteria. 
We consider Grange Landfill Limited is a competent operator.



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