Port Clarence Landfill Site, TS2 1UE; Low Level Radioactive Waste Permit Application

Closes 13 Dec 2019

Opened 20 Sep 2019


We have received an Environmental Permitting Regulations application from Augean North Ltd to accept Low Level Radioactive Wastes at their Port Clarence Landfill Site in Teesside. Port Clarence has two permitted landfills one accepts hazardous waste and the other non hazardous waste both are currently authorised by Environmental Permits.This new application is to allow the disposal of low level radioactive waste in both landfills. Some Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) is already being disposed of at the site, as exempt waste i.e. waste that is exempt from requiring a permit under the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016. Augean also operate a landfill site, in Northamptonshire, that is permitted to accept low level radioactive waste.

We are seeking comments on this permit application. Public consultation helps us to take account of any information that people think is relevant to our decision making. It also gives people the opportunity to understand what is proposed.

You can view the application and supporting documents by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Providing comments

We can take account of:

  • relevant environmental regulatory requirements
  • information on local population and sensitive sites
  • comments on whether the right process is being used for the activity, for example whether the technology is the right one
  • the shape and use of the land around the site in terms of its potential impact, whether that impact is acceptable and what pollution control or abatement may be required
  • any incorrect information in the application

We cannot take account of:

  • issues beyond those in the relevant environmental regulations
  • anything outside the remit of the EPR. For example the proposed location of the site
  • land use issues when determining a permit application, even if changing the location of the activity would improve its environmental performance
  • the impact of noise and odour from traffic travelling to and from the site
  • the legally defined process we follow to determine a permit

Why We Are Consulting

We are consulting on this application to give people the opportunity to understand the proposed changes to the permit and provide us with any information they think is relevant to our decision making.

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  • Members of the public
  • Elected representatives, including MPs
  • Local councils
  • The nuclear industry


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