Standard rules consultation no.17 – medium combustion plant and specified generators

Closed 15 Jun 2018

Opened 4 May 2018

Results updated 14 Aug 2018

Of those that responded the large majority agreed with our approach to use standard rules for medium combustion plant and specified generators. There was not universal support for the proposal to allow a single standard permit issued to an operator to cover a number of locations for the new medium combustion plant (MCP) standard rule sets (9 out of 27 who responded did not agree with the proposal and with one who did not know).

We are satisfied that, with appropriate amendments (as detailed in the attached document below) the proposed new and revised standard rules and risk assessments are appropriate for this activity. We will amend and implement the new rule sets and plan to publish them in August 2018. We do not at this current stage plan to implement the proposal for a single standard permit to cover a number of locations for medium combustion plant. This is because there are still some concerns about how permitting and compliance will operate in practice and the need to make the standard rules available for use at an early stage for operators to be able to apply for new permits. We will however, in response to consultation comments, be providing an additional rule set for smaller low risk sites up to 1MWth.



We are proposing new and revised standard rules environmental permits and would like your views.

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 allow us to offer standard permits to reduce the administrative burden on business whilst maintaining environmental standards. They are based on sets of standard rules that we can apply widely.

This consultation proposes new and revised standard rules to cover medium combustion plant and specified generator controls. The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) provides cost efficient emission controls on new and existing plant and is being introduced into Regulation in England and Wales and regulated under an environmental permit. The proposed use of standard rules is a proportionate approach to environmental permitting.


Links to the consultation document, proposed and revised standard rules and generic risk assessments can be found at the bottom of this page.


Why your views matter

We would like your views on whether to allow a single standard permit issued to an operator to cover a number of locations for the new medium combustion plants (MCP) standard rule sets.

The consultation is about the following:

  • Standard rule sets

This consists of all the rules necessary to ensure that the risks to the environment and human health are reduced to an acceptable level for these activities.

  • Generic risk assessments

We have provided new and revised generic risk assessments for the rules. The new risk assessments relate only to emissions to air.

  • Applicable charges

We are asking for your comments on the proposed new and revised standard rule sets and the associated risk assessments. We are also carrying out an assessment of the financial impacts of this proposal and would like your help to determine the impacts and inform our decision making.


  • Medium Combustion Plants


  • Waste
  • Permits
  • Environmental permitting