Standard Rules Consultation No 27 - Proposals for a new standard rules permit for capture, treatment, and storage of biogas from lagoons and tanks 

Closed 9 Nov 2023

Opened 17 Aug 2023


The purpose of this consultation is to introduce a new standard rules permit for operators to collect and store biogas from a lagoon or tank and upgrade that biogas to biomethane. When the biogas meets the biomethane quality protocol and can be used in vehicles or injected to the electricity grid it will no longer be considered waste.  The standard rule set is supported by a generic risk assessment to ensure that the risks to the environment and human health are reduced to an acceptable level for these activities.  

Why your views matter

The Environmental Permitting Regulations allow us to develop standard rules for certain activities. We base the rules on our understanding of the risks.   

We are asking for your views on whether the proposed standard rules permit ensures that the risks to the environment and human health are reduced to an acceptable level for this activity.  

What happens next

We’ll use your information to help shape these standard rules permits.

We will publish publish a summary of responses on our website in which we will publish the name of the organisation for those responses made on behalf of organisations. We will not publish names of individuals who respond. 

We will not respond individually to responses. 

In line with the Freedom of Information Act 2000, we may be required to publish your response to this consultation but will not include any personal information. If you have requested your response to be kept confidential, we may still be required to provide a summary of it. For more information see our Personal Information Charter


  • Statutory organisations
  • Operators
  • Trade associations and business
  • Other regulators
  • Members of the public
  • Community groups
  • Non-governmental organisations with an interest in environmental issues


  • Waste
  • Environmental permitting