United Utilities Water Limited, NPS/WR/035903: application to impound water

Closes 26 Aug 2022

Opened 24 Jun 2022


We are providing documents to view for applications from United Utilities Water Limited.

The first application is to vary a full licence to impound water (NPS/WR/035903).

The second application is a minor variation (NPS/WR/037411) to move the compensation flow and water bank requirements from the abstraction licence on to the associated impoundment licence (or a Section 20 agreement if deemed more appropriate).



This site allows you to view documentation relevant to the relevant applications. 

We are aware that there is some information which is not yet available here on Citizen Space, so in this case the documents are read-only and the site will not accept comments.

Please be aware that we have redacted information within the documents.  Any information that can identify the location of a public water supply is not for widespread use.  Whilst the knowledge that United Utilities abstract from Stocks Reservoir is well known, we have to take steps to ensure that the more precise detail of the location isn’t promoted widely.



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