Regulation of Rathlin Energy’s West Newton ‘B’ Well Site

Closes 24 Sep 2021

Opened 25 Sep 2020


Rathlin Energy plans to carry out drilling and testing of the WNB-1 well at its West Newton ‘B’ well site. Environmental permits in relation to these activities were issued in 2016. They set out legally binding conditions for operation covering emissions, safe storage of waste and crude oil, and flaring of gas. The permits also include monitoring and reporting requirements.

The company has submitted an application to the Environment Agency to vary their permit. This is to make some changes to how they propose to test the new well to assess its potential for hydrocarbon production. These changes include:


Carrying out well clean-ups and extended well tests, and burning any resulting waste gases in enclosed flares or combustion units.


Removal of fluid from the well using inert gas lifting, mechanical lifting, or an electrical sub-surface pump.


We will only issue a permit variation if we believe that harm to the environment, people and wildlife will be minimised and that the operator has the ability to meet the conditions of the permit. Providing a business can show that the proposed activities meet all the legal requirements, including environmental, technological and health requirements, then we are legally obliged to issue a permit, even if some people do not approve of the decision.


Copies of the variation application documents and the current environmental permits are provided below.

We will regularly update this page with information from our audits and site inspections. Previously, this information would only have been held at our offices on the Public Register. Whilst that will continue, we hope that this is helpful in making information easier for you to access.

West Newton 'B' Wellsite
Rathlin Energy (UK) Ltd
Crook Lane, West Newton
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU11 4LP

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