Information on Angus Energy Weald Basin No3 Limited Lidsey Well Site

Closed 1 Apr 2019

Opened 6 Apr 2017


Information for a new mining waste Standard Rules permit application at Lidsey Wellsite

The Environment Agency is the environmental regulator for onshore oil and gas operations in England. We ensure that people and the environment remain protected by requiring operators to hold environmental permits that set out legally binding conditions for the activities they carry out.

We have received an application from Angus Energy Weald Basin No3 Limited (the operator) for a new mining waste standards rules permit (SR2015 No.1) under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 at the following site:

  • Site location: Lidsey Wellsite, Lidsey Road, Lidsey, near Bogner Regis, West Sussex, PO22 9PH
  • Permit application reference: EPR/FB3104HQ/A001
  • Site national grid reference (NGR): SU 94437 03394

The standard rules permit SR2015 No.1 is specifically for the management of extractive waste, not including a waste facility, generated from onshore oil and gas prospecting activities including drilling, coring, leak off testing (LOT), acid wash and decommissioning but excluding hydraulic fracturing for the production of oil or gas (using oil and water based drilling mud).

We would not ordinarily publicise/consult on a standard rules permit application of this type (a mining waste standard rules application). This is confirmed within section 3.3 (page 6 of 15) of our public participation statement

We are providing the following explanation, supporting information and copies of the operator’s permit application for information and awareness purposes only (this information is not intended to generate comments as it is not a statutory consultation).

However, if you do wish to make comments regarding the operator’s mining waste standard rules permit application, you may submit these to us in writing and/or via e-mail to the following addresses:

  • Postal address: Environment Agency, Permitting and Support Centre, Land Team, Quadrant 2, 99 Parkway Avenue, Sheffield, S9 4WF.
  • E-mail address:
  • Telephone (The Permitting and Support Centre Land Team): 03708 506 506

We would like to repeat that this is not a statutory consultation the information and documents provided are for information and awareness purposes only.

A web-link to the standards rules SR2015 No.1 set on our website is provided below. If a permit is granted by us, these rules set out the criteria the operator must meet in order to have and continue to comply with a standard permit for this activity.

The accompanying waste management plan (WMP3) sets out the operational measures required to be met by the operator for standard rule set SR2015 No.1 under mining waste directive requirements. The operator has also followed the generic risk assessment for standard rule set SR2015 No.1. Both the WMP3 and generic risk assessment are included on our website at the web-link provided below.

The operator’s mining waste standard rules permit (SR 2015 No.1) application has now been determined and was issued on the 28/04/2017. Copies of the issued standard rules permit and decision document, along with copies of the operator’s application documents are included below for your reference.


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