HA9 0JS, Wembley E03 Parking Limited, EPR/EP3008BS/A001: environmental permit consultation

Closes 21 Jul 2020

Opened 23 Jun 2020


We are seeking your comments on an environmental permit application which includes a plant which has been identified as being in an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) received from Wembley E03 Parking Limited for

Hudson Energy Centre
2 Engineers Way

We can take account of

  • Relevant environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Information on local population and sensitive sites.
  • Permit conditions by providing information that we have not been made aware of in the application, or by correcting incorrect information in the application (e.g. background air quality).

    We cannot take account of
  • Issues beyond those in the relevant environmental regulations.
  • Anything outside the remit of the EPR, e.g. the proposed location of the site.
  • Land use issues when determining a permit application, even if changing the location of the activity would improve its environmental performance.
  • The impact of noise and odour from traffic travelling to and from the site.
  • The legally defined process we follow to determine a permit.

Give Us Your Views


  • Anyone from any background


  • Environmental permitting
  • Installation