Regulation at IGas' site at Springs Road, Misson

Closed 28 Jan 2021

Opened 28 Jan 2019


The environmental permit was issued in June 2016. It sets out conditions for operations covering surface and groundwater protection, safe storage of waste and noise from mining waste activities. Exploratory drilling began on the 22 January 2019 and was completed in late March 2019.

Environment Agency officers visited the site on the 14 February to assess compliance with the Mining Waste Permit which controls the handling of any waste arising from the drilling process. This was a joint visit with the Health and Safety Executive who were also inspecting the site. 

Our visit included assessment of onsite management procedures and documentary evidence to ensure that the permit was being complied with, as well as visual inspections of the relevant pollution prevention infrastructure installed at the site.

We also visited the site again on the 25 February for an update on progress of the drilling and to assess the amenity issues covered by the mining waste permit.

The Compliance Assessment Reports (CAR) were issued to IGas in early March.  The site operator then had 28 days to comment or challenge the CAR form through provision of additional information or evidence. This is a requirement of the Regulators' Code. The following link provides further information regarding the Regulators' Code. After 28 days, the CAR form then becomes a public register document.  

We continue to regularly attend the Community Liaison Group where we provide advice and guidance about our role and updates on the site.


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