CH65 2HQ Island Gas Limited Environmental Permit Issued

Closed 10 Nov 2018

Opened 10 Nov 2017


Permit issued to Island Gas Ltd Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

The Environment Agency have issued a permit to Island Gas Ltd to make changes to the existing mining waste permit at the Ellesmere Port Well Site in Cheshire. As part of this exploration the company plan to carry out testing over a period of ninety days to investigate the potential for gas extraction, this does not include hydraulic fracturing.

We have previously consulted on the environmental permits for the Ellesmere Port site and want to provide access to information as operations start.

The permits set out the conditions for operations and includes conditions on emissions to air, the safe handling & storage of waste and also includes the accumulation and disposal of Natural Occuring Radioactive Materials from oil and gas production,.

Pre-Operational Conditions

Drilling of EP1 commenced in November 2014 and was completed in December 2014. No pre-operational conditions are included in the current permits.

Improvement Condition

The permit for operations  at Portside North (Off Merseyton Road) that was granted in November 2017 includes an improvement condition- that has to be complied with.

Improvement Condition 1 requires the operator to provide an approved method to calculate emissions of oxides of nitrogen, methane and total volatile organics.

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The Environment Agency is the environmental regulator for onshore oil and gas operations in England.  We ensure that people and the environment remain protected by requiring operators to hold environmental permits that set out legally binding conditions.



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