Magnox Ltd/ Inutec Ltd Partial Permit Transfer Application

Closed 7 Dec 2018

Opened 12 Nov 2018

Feedback expected 15 Dec 2018


This consultation will enable us to collect stakeholder views on the partial permit transfer application from the Magnox Ltd site to Inutec Ltd, both at the Winfrith nuclear site in Dorset.

The Magnox reactor research and development site is in an accelerated decommissioning phase and is expected to be decommissioned by 2023. Inutec Ltd (trading as Tradebe Inutec) is a nuclear waste management facility on the Winfrith Site. Inutec Ltd has operated as a tenant on the Winfrith Nuclear Licenced site since 1996. It operates as a tenant under its own environmental permit (EPR/PP3890SE).

Inutec Ltd is applying to the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) to become a nuclear operator in its own right and continue with its strategic role in the UK Nuclear Industry waste supply chain.

In order for Inutec Ltd to continue operations it has jointly applied with Magnox Ltd for a partial transfer of part of the Magnox permit.

As part of this process, we will determine whether Inutec Ltd has suitable management arrangements, and resources that are sufficient to achieve compliance with the conditions of the part transferred permit.

Why your views matter

We will take your consultation responses into consideration as part of our determination of the partial transfer of the Magnox Ltd environmental permit to Inutec Ltd. If we decide to grant the partial transfer we will explain how we made our decision and how we have addressed the concerns that were raised.

We will only transfer part of the Magnox Ltd permit if we believe that harm to the environment, people and wildlife will be minimised and that the receiving operator (Inutec Ltd) has the ability to meet the conditions of the permit. Providing a business can prove that the proposed activities meets all legal requirements, including environmental, technological and health requirements, then we are legally obliged to transfer the permit, even if some people do not approve of the decision.


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