Variation of the Berkeley Radioactive Substances (RSR) Permit No. ZP3893SG to increase the annual limit for gaseous discharges of Tritium

Closed 19 Feb 2020

Opened 24 Jan 2020

Results expected 21 Feb 2020

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This consultation will enable us to collect stakeholder views on the permit variation application submitted by Magnox Ltd for the Berkeley nuclear site, in Gloucestershire.

The Berkeley nuclear site is currently in its decommissioning and remediation phase. Magnox Ltd plans to remove radioactive Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW) from three waste vaults on the site. Magnox are planning to encapsulate this waste so that it can be safely stored, pending disposal at a geological disposal facility (GDF).

For Magnox Ltd to progress their plans for decommissioning the site, they have submitted a variation to environmental permit number ZP3893SG. The main changes are;

  • An increase in the annual permit limit for the discharge of gaseous tritium.
  • the addition of two new approved gaseous discharge outlets.

We will only vary the Berkeley permit if we believe that impact to the environment, people and wildlife will be minimised.

All documents included in this consultation can be found in the Related section at the bottom of this consultation web page.

Why your views matter

We will take your consultation responses into consideration as part of our determination of the Magnox Ltd environmental permit variation. If we decide to grant the variation we will explain how we made our decision and how we have considered points raised in your responses.

Responding To The Consultation

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