Hexham Flood Alleviation Scheme

Closes 30 Nov 2022

Opened 18 Nov 2021


Hexham Flood Alleviation Scheme

We have developed the scheme to reduce the flood risk posed by the River Tyne and Skinnersburn to businesses and residents at the Bridge End and Tyne Mills Industrial Estates.

The proposed flood alleviation scheme will mainly consist of flood walls and grass embankments along the River Tyne and within the Skinnersburn. We are now entering into the final design stages for the embankment on the Skinnerburn.

We continue to remain committed to delivering an improved standard of protection for the business on the estates.

Background to the scheme

Approximately 90 properties were flooded at the Bridge End and Tyne Mills Industrial Estates on 5 December 2015 from the River Tyne. This resulted in considerable damage and disruption.

Our ever changing climate is expected to mean wetter winters, more intense rainfall and, unfortunately, more frequent flooding in future. At the Tyne Mills Industrial Estate, the River Tyne backs up a small watercourse, the Skinnersburn, which in the absence of defences, floods into the industrial estate.

Our modelling shows that the industrial estate has a 2% chance of flooding occurring in any given year. The North Bank of the River Tyne shows that the Bridge End Industrial Estate is also at risk of flooding and has a 1.33% chance of flooding occurring in any given year.

The existing flood embankment along the North Bank is currently maintained by the Environment Agency under our permissive powers but it does not extend far enough to the west to provide protection in more extreme events. Our proposed scheme aims to reduce the risk of flooding at both industrial estates.

The scheme itself will be designed to protect against floods which have up to a 1% chance of occurring in any given year plus the defences will be designed to have an additional 300mm of freeboard.

This means, our scheme will protect homes and businesses up to the level of the Storm Desmond 2015 flood event.

Design and delivery of the flood alleviation scheme

We are pleased to announce our Final Business Case has been approved and funding is now in place to take forward this scheme to construction.

We are seeking permissions from the Local Planning Authority and Local Lead Flood Authority to carry out the construction of the scheme which includes obtaining a Lawful Development Certificate and a Land Drainage Consent for works to the Skinnersburn.

We remain in discussions with key landowners to gain their agreement for construction access requirements and remaining environmental surveys. BAM Nuttall, our principal contractor will have a presence on site in Hexham from December 2021, with completion of the scheme running into late summer 2022.

Please contact our Project Team if you have any questions about the Hexham Flood Alleviation Scheme, by emailing: 



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