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Roxby Landfill Site – January 2021


This is the final update in the series which will provide residents with the latest information about our regulation of Roxby Landfill Site.


We regulate the environmental permit held by Biffa Waste Services Ltd for Roxby Landfill Site. The environmental permit contains conditions relating to site operations, which includes the waste types allowed, the handling of them and any relevant emissions standards and monitoring requirements.

Enforcement Response

The Environment Agency has completed a formal investigation following a series of permit breaches relating to the impact of odours on the local community from the operations at Roxby landfill in 2019 and 2020.

On 7 January 2021, Biffa Waste Services Ltd received a formal written warning in relation to this investigation. This decision was taken following consideration of the investigation findings together with the steps Biffa had taken to remedy the situation when reviewed by the Environment Agency’s Area Enforcement Panel.

The Environment Agency has a wide range of enforcement powers and sanctions. More details can be found here:

Biffa has committed to make significant changes to the working practices they adopt on the site for the control of odour and the collection of landfill gas, a by-product as the waste decomposes. This includes a reduction in the size of the operational area, planning and deployment of temporary and permanent capping of completed areas and increased frequency of installation of gas collection infrastructure and wells. These measures will ensure odours produced by landfill operations are minimised.

Biffa has also committed to improve local community engagement. Regular community updates will now be distributed electronically for inclusion on the town and parish council websites, and also to be shared on social media. This is to ensure information is accessible to all residents in the community. These updates will also be clearer in explaining the time it will take to complete work on the site.

In addition, Biffa has committed to holding regular technical meetings with the Environment Agency on a 6 weekly basis to review the ongoing operation of the site. This is in addition to the regular inspections which the Environment Agency conduct on the site.

Biffa will be revising the site’s Odour Management Plan to reflect the changes they have made to their working procedures.

Odour Reports since 1 September 2019

How we are continuing to regulate during the Coronavirus pandemic

We will continue to carry out regulatory visits to sites that could cause serious environmental harm where required. We will keep this approach to regulatory visits under review in line with our regulatory duties and the latest Government guidance. For all sites we are exploring how best to continue to regulate during this period, using alternative regulatory approaches such as increasing desk based compliance activity and remote ways of working.

Our people will comply with Public Health England advice throughout this time. Our priority remains protecting the environment and human health during this period.

Community Engagement

The Environment Agency are proposing to hold a virtual liaison meeting with members of the Parish and Town Council on 10 February 2021. Should you wish any agenda items to be discussed, please contact your local representative.

Andrew Percy MP

We continue to correspond with Andrew Percy MP. Andrew continues to update his webpages and Facebook account.

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