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We are pleased to be bringing you the latest Environment Agency update on our compliance work at Roxby Landfill operated by Biffa Waste Services Ltd. 

Our Commitment 

As part of our regulation of the site, we continue to carry out air quality/odour assessments during routine visits to the site which include both announced and unannounced visits.

Our officers are working closely with Biffa Waste Services Ltd to make sure that improvements are made, and odour nuisance is reduced to a minimum.  

Latest news


  • The number of odour reports received over the last three months has significantly reduced. There have been no odour reports received in November. We continue to actively monitor the sites impact for odour in the community to ensure this continues over the winter months.


  • Temporary capping is now completed on the majority of cell 13A, this was visually inspected during our compliance inspection on 29/11/22 as being in place. Biffa have completed the installation of an additional 100 pin wells to control odour and collect landfill gas, to maintain compliance with the conditions of their environmental permit.

Compliance work

  • As part of our compliance work, we have now completed our review of the main waste streams being received at Roxby Landfill. The focus was ensuring the required sampling and analysis is completed, and that Biffa’s Management procedures are followed relating to waste acceptance. We identified that in some instances the amount of sampling and analysis did not meet what was stated in their management systems. As a result a CCS3 permit breach was awarded.

Odour Reports received by the Environment Agency through our Incident Hotline

Roxby Odour Reports - November 22

Regulating Biffa

On the June site inspection (28 June 2022), our officers confirmed that the sacrificial gas collection pipework had been installed, which was discussed in the May 2022 update. This is now fully connected and under extraction. These pin wells will support odour control and gas collection on the site while the permanent capping work is completed in July / August 2022. The completed drainage blanket was also seen, for the final cell at the site. This will commence infilling towards the end of the summer months, lasting roughly into early 2023.

Roxby Community Liaison Group

The Environment Agency meets regularly with members of the Roxby Community Liaison Group. The latest meeting was held on 14 September 2022 with representatives from North Lincolnshire Council, Winterton Town Council, Roxby-cum-Risby Parish Council, Biffa, and residents.

The minutes of this meeting, along with the Environment Agency slide pack, can be found on the links below:

14 September 2022 Meeting Notes

14 September 2022 Environment Agency Slide Pack

The next meeting is scheduled to be held virtually on 18 January 2023. Should you wish to attend this meeting please email

Previous meetings notes and slide packs can be found at the bottom of this page.

Our feedback to you

Often you will ask us for feedback following your report to the Environment Agency’s Incident Hotline Number. We will endeavour to report back directly where we can, but this may not always be possible. We will continue to provide updates via Citizen Space and through regular contact with your local representatives. Biffa will continue to issue updates to the group to share with the community.

Next update

At the recent liaison group meeting we proposed the option of reducing the frequency of publishing these updates. Following feedback from representatives of North Lincolnshire council, it was agreed to change the frequency from monthly updates to quarterly updates.

We will provide our next update at the end of February 2023.

If you would like to provide feedback on how useful you found this update please email  

Previous updates

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Incident Hotline

Please continue to use our 24/7 Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60 to report odours


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