Coarse fishing close season on English rivers

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Closes 11 Mar 2019

About this consultation

We are consulting on coarse fishing close season on English rivers.

The close season prohibits fishing with rod and line for coarse fish between 15 March and 15 June on rivers in England. There is no close season on most canals and most stillwaters (some protected stillwaters and some protected or navigable canals retain a close season, with the same dates).

We want to better understand the risks and benefits associated with any change and the potential impacts on fish populations, angling and wildlife. We want to hear from all those interested in coarse fish and fisheries, including the businesses that depend on angling, to help us decide whether we need to retain, change or remove the current close season.

We may, as a result of this consultation, make new byelaws. If we do, we must advertise them to allow anyone the opportunity to object. This will most likely happen later this year.