River Dee and River Wye (England) – consultation on new fisheries byelaws

Closed 5 Feb 2018

Opened 11 Dec 2017

Results updated 11 Apr 2019

Over the winter of 2017/2018 the Environment Agency, (concurrently with Natural Resources Wales), consulted on proposals for new fishery byelaws for the English sections of the cross-border River Wye and River Dee. These new byelaws mirrored those proposed by Natural Resources Wales so that the angling byelaws would be the same when fishing in the Welsh and English sections of these rivers.

The Environment Agency is awaiting the outcome of the local inquiry that Welsh Government required to allow independent scrutiny into the proposed separate ‘All Wales’ byelaws as these would, if confirmed, directly influence these new cross-border rivers' byelaws.

The Inspectors report to Welsh Government on the ‘All Wales’ byelaw proposals is expected in late May. We will provided a further update once we and Natural Resources Wales know the outcome of the local  inquiry and Welsh Government's decision.

Published responses

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Natural Resources Wales have developed new byelaws for salmon rod fisheries on the River Dee and River Wye. To ensure that vulnerable salmon and sea trout stocks are protected in the full length of these rivers we have developed mirroring byelaws for the English parts of the River Dee and River Wye. This will also ensure that anglers have consistent measures being applied regardless of whether they fish the Welsh or English parts of these rivers.

This consultation is seeking your views on these proposed rod fishery byelaws for the River Dee and River Wye in England.

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Please see the Related section below for a copy of the proposed byelaws and other documents that are relevant to this consultation.


  • Net fishing license holders
  • River based salmon angling owners/fishing clubs/organisations
  • Individual migratory salmonid licence holders
  • Business that buy salmon/supported by salmon net and rod fishing
  • Angling trade contacts
  • National based fishery, conservation and landowner organisations
  • Government family organisations


  • Business and industry
  • Fishing and boating
  • Habitats and wildlife
  • Environmental permitting