Consultation on new Environmental Assessment Levels used in air emissions risk assessments

Closed 7 Feb 2021

Opened 2 Nov 2020


Environmental Assessment Levels (EALs) are used by the Environment Agency to judge the acceptability of proposed emissions to air from industrial sites, and their relative contribution to the environment. EALs represent a pollutant concentration in ambient air at which no significant risks to human health are expected. In 2012 we ran a consultation to identify a new hierarchy for the derivation of EALs. You can view the consultation document and its responses here

As part of that consultation, we made a commitment to undertake further engagement prior to adopting any new substance specific EALs.

Working with Public Health England and using our revised methodology we are proposing to change EALs for 10 existing substances and introduce two new substances EALs. The supporting document (a chemical dossier) which explains how these values have been derived can be found in the related section below.

Why we are consulting

The purpose of this round of consultation is to follow up on the 2012 engagement, implement the revised methodology and consult on the EALs for 12 substances, before we use them in our permitting activities


  • Environment Agency customers
  • Trade associations and business
  • Other regulators
  • Members of the public


  • Business and industry
  • Permits
  • Environmental permitting