Metal Shredders – appropriate measures for permitted facilities

Closed 8 Feb 2021

Opened 30 Nov 2020


We, Environment Agency, want to formally and publically consult with you on the new guidance for permitted facilities carrying out the metal shredding activities stated below.

We will review and revise the guidance using the responses we receive as part of this consultation and we will publish it on the website.  

Currently, there is no specific guidance for permitted facilities carrying out metal shredding activities. There are some measures and standards set out in published technical guidance note EPR 5.06 - Guidance for the recovery and disposal of hazardous and non‑hazardous waste (May 2013). However these are not specific for the metal recycling sector.

In addition our guidance gives further information on appropriate standards and measures that are relevant for metal shredding activities. This is to ensure these appropriate measures are understood and applied consistently across the sector.

The guidance also incorporates the relevant requirements of the waste treatment BAT Conclusions publication, made under the European Industrial Emission Directive (2010/75/EU), which apply to waste installation facilities permitted under the Directive.


The “Metal Shredders – appropriate measures for permitted facilities” guidance we are consulting on will be one of a series of sector specific guidance (healthcare waste, biowaste, hazardous chemicals and non-hazardous waste) that will also be available on the website.


Our proposed new guidance

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Why we are consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to engage with relevant stakeholders to obtain their views on the proposed technical guidance.

The guidance we are consulting on sets out appropriate measures for regulated facilities with an environmental permit for the mechanical treatment of metal waste in shredders. Once this consultation closes we will review the feedback from respondents and alter the guidance if appropriate.

What happens next

Thank you for responding to this consultation.

We will make your response publically available (excluding personal information and financial data) on our online tool whilst the consultation is running, unless you have requested that we do not publish your response.

Following the end of the consultation we will produce a consultation response document and this will be published on this consultation’s web page. If you have given us your email address, we will email you to let you know when this has been published.

Thank you


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