Emission to air Environmental Assessments Levels (EALs) update (second phase)

Closes 20 Jun 2023

Opened 28 Mar 2023


The Environment Agency uses Environmental Assessment Levels (EALs) to assess emissions from industrial sites. We judge whether the emissions to air are at acceptable levels.

EALs represent a pollutant concentration in ambient air. We expect these concentrations to represent no significant risks to human health.

In 2012 we ran a consultation to identify a new hierarchy and methodology for the derivation of EALs. You can view the 2012 consultation document and its responses on GOV.UK.

In 2021 we ran a consultation on the first phase of our EALs update. Working with Public Health England (now UK Health Security Agency) and using our revised methodology, we proposed changes to EALs for ten existing substances and introduced EALs for two new substances. You can view the 2021 consultation document and its responses to the first phase on GOV.UK


In this second phase of EAL updates, we have followed the same methodology as the first phase. Working with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) we have reviewed EALs and confirmed values or proposed changes for 13 existing substances. You will find supporting documents (chemical dossiers) for each substance below. These dossiers explain how we have derived the values for these substances.

The Consultation document can be found in the 'related documents' section at the bottom of the page.

Why your views matter

In the 2012 consultation we agreed to engage with you before adopting further changes to EALs using the revised methodology. We now seek your views on the changes to EALs for the thirteen substances. Your views will inform the decision on the changes before the EALs are applied to our permitting activities.

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