Environment Agency charging scheme proposals from October 2021

Closes 10 Sep 2021

Opened 16 Jul 2021


We are consulting on proposed changes to our charging schemes for the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 and the Water Resources Act 1991. 

These changes are proposed to make sure we cover our costs in relation to regulatory activities on the Isles of Scilly (IoS) and the regulation of fusion activities anywhere in England.

Isles of Scilly

Customers on the IoS were previously exempt from charges under the Environmental Permitting Charging Scheme and Scheme of Abstraction Charges. However, the government made an order in 2020 that enables us to recover the costs of regulation in this location. We therefore propose to apply the existing charging schemes to customers on the IoS. This will provide consistency for our customers now that the exemption no longer applies.

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Failure to regulate can result in:

  • significant environmental damage
  • unacceptable impacts on communities
  • significant costs from, for example, dealing with pollution incidents or managing over abstracted catchments

Specified radioactive substances activity - fusion

We propose to include fusion activities in the Environmental Permitting Charging Scheme by extending the definition of a ‘specified radioactive substances activity’. The proposed change will enable us to fully recover the costs of regulating the emerging fusion industry.

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When light nuclei fuse to form a heavier nucleus, they release bursts of energy. This is the opposite of nuclear fission – the reaction that is used in nuclear power stations today – in which energy is released when a nucleus splits apart to form smaller nuclei. For additional detail on fusion energy please consult the UKAEA’s Fusion in brief guide.

We will publish a consultation response document which will summarise key themes on the GOV.UK website. If you respond on-line and provide an email address, your response will be automatically acknowledged. 

Why we are consulting

Our aim is to make the environment a better place for people and wildlife while facilitating sustainable development and supporting economic growth.

We have powers under legislation to recover the cost of some of our regulatory activities from people and organisations that require environmental regulation. This is to ensure that these activities are not funded by the taxpayer.

We have considered our charges against the need to deliver our regulatory duties. We know our charges can affect those we regulate so we have considered our proposals carefully. We invite you to comment on our proposals and whether you think they might be improved or made fairer.

Responding to the consultation

Please click on the 'online survey' link below to answer the consultation questions. 

Supporting information for the consultation includes the following:

To submit your response by email please send your completed response form for Environment Agency charging scheme proposals from October 2021 with the subject header of EA Charges Consultation – IoS and fusion to enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk before close of business on Friday 10 September.

We encourage you to contact us through the online portal or by email. However, if you would prefer you can submit your response by post by downloading the response form for Environment Agency charging scheme proposals from October 2021 and sending it before close of business on Friday 10 September to:

Environment Agency
EA Charges Consultation – IoS and fusion

National Customer Contact Centre
PO Box 544
S60 1BY

To request a hard copy of the consultation document or the response form, please contact us on 03708 506 506 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm).

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