Consultation on assessing and scoring permit compliance

Closed 29 Oct 2018

Opened 17 Sep 2018

Results updated 14 Jan 2019

We thank all respondents for their time and contribution to this consultation.

In the longer-term, we want to move towards a common framework for regulating across all permitted sites. We're also keen to build on this common framework as we develop the principles of Performance Based Regulation.

However, in the short-term we've decided not to take forward the proposed changes to consolidating ELVs or suspending scores as outlined in this consultation. We have also decided not to change our service level regarding the timeliness of the CAR form - this will remain as 14 days. We have taken this decision to give us additional time to assess the impact of our guidance and the role it plays in enabling us to protect people and the environment.

We are fulfilling our commitment to streamline, simplify and publish our existing guidance for staff on GOV.UK, so that more people can access and understand it more easily.

During this consultation, we have reviewed our current approach to assessing permit compliance across regimes. Whilst in the future, we want to move towards a common regulatory framework for all permitted sites, we acknowledge that in the short term there is a need for some differences in our current approaches.

The streamlined and simplified guidance is an interim policy position. It applies to waste, installations (including intensive farming) and non-nuclear radioactive substances only. We're reviewing our interim policy positions for the other regimes and we'll publish any amendments where appropriate.




This consultation sets out proposed changes to how we assess and score permit compliance so that we carry it out in a way that is more consistent, clear and proportionate. It also explains how we use the findings of an assessment and what we record on the Compliance Assessment Report (CAR) form. The consultation describes how we use scores from compliance assessments to generate annual subsistence charges for waste operations and installations.

This consultation is an opportunity to comment on the proposed revisions to how we assess and score permit compliance.

You can download a copy of the consultation document here and it's also listed in the Related section below. If you experience any problems accesssing it, please contact the Compliance Team.

Why your views matter

Due to feedback from industry that the current guidance is complex and results in sites being in compliance bands that do not accurately reflect the impact and risk of the site and so we are consulting on some changes to the way we assess and score permit compliance, which will address these and create a more level playing field. 

What happens next

Our Consultation on assessing and scoring permit compliance has now closed. We would like to thank all those who took the time to respond.

We propose to introduce any revisions from 1 January 2019 at the start of the compliance year. This will not affect subsistence charges for waste operations and installations until 2020.

Later this autumn the Environment Agency will also consult on further amendments to charges. This will describe how the changes to assessing and scoring permit compliance we proposed in this consultation will benefit some waste activities and installations through a reduction in their subsistence charges.  


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