Appropriate measures for the biological treatment of waste

Closed 21 Aug 2020

Opened 10 Jul 2020


Currently, measures and standards for permitted facilities that take biodegradable, organic wastes for biological treatment are set out in three unpublished draft technical guidance documents (November 2013). The proposed guidance, which is being consulted on, will amalgamate and replace these guidance documents. It will include the framework for the assessment of novel waste and will be available as web guidance on the website.

The proposed guidance aims to deliver improvements in the design and operation of permitted facilities in the biological treatment of waste sector and ensure that, where relevant, appropriate measures are applied consistently. The guidance also incorporates the relevant requirements of the waste treatment BAT Conclusions publication, made under the European Industrial Emission Directive (2010/75/EU), which apply to waste installation facilities permitted under the Directive.


Why we are consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to engage with relevant stakeholders to obtain their views on proposed technical guidance, which sets out appropriate measures for permitted facilities that biologically treat waste. This includes the aerobic and anaerobic treatment of biodegradable, organic wastes (for example by outdoor composting, anaerobic digestion or mechanical and biological treatment (MBT)). It also applies to treating sewage sludge using a biological process, storing recovered material (compost and digestate) and aerated lagoons and activated sludge (as a waste-water treatment).



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