Appropriate Measures for Permitted Facilities that take Non-Hazardous and Inert Waste

Closed 18 Nov 2020

Opened 14 Sep 2020


The Environment Agency is launching a formal public consultation into new guidance for permitted facilities taking non-hazardous and inert waste for treatment or transfer.

We will review and revise the guidance using your responses and will publish it on the website.The responses to the consultation will be reviewed and revised guidance will be published on, alongside similar guidance documents for other waste sectors, for example healthcare waste, biowaste, hazardous chemicals.

The guidance has been produced to improve the way that permitted facilities in the non-hazardous and inert waste sector are operated and designed. The aim is to ensure that standards are clear, consistent and enforceable.

The guidance will apply to existing and new facilities including household waste recycling centres, waste transfer stations, materials recycling facilities and sites producing soil and aggregates.

Unless specifically stated, the appropriate measures in the guidance will apply to all permitted waste management facilities in the sector, whether operating under an installation or waste operation permit.

The guidance will apply to newly permitted waste facilities through the environmental permit application process. It will also apply to existing facilities, which will be given time to implement the new standards.

Why we are consulting

The purpose of this consultation is to engage with relevant stakeholders to obtain their views on the proposed guidance. We will review the feedback from respondents and alter the guidance if appropriate.


Guidance Document

The current guidance document can be found below.

Please note, if you are having trouble viewing the guidance document below, you can also access it by clicking on to the following link:


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What happens next

This consultation is now closed. We are reviewing your responses. Thank you for your interest, please use the contact details on this page if you would like to get in touch with us.


  • Members of the public with an interest in the river, the species and conservation


  • Business and industry
  • Habitats and wildlife
  • Waste
  • Environmental permitting