Environment Agency charge proposals from April 2018

Closes 26 Jan 2018

Section 7.3.2 - Forward look for Navigation charges

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69. What factors do you think should determine how we calculate the boat registration charge?

70. We would appreciate your comments and feedback to help develop our proposals. What would you like to see included within a revised boat registration charges scheme?

71. Please rate the following elements of service based on how important they are to you, using the key below? You can choose the same number more than once. (1 important/2 like/3 don't mind/4 could manage without/5 don't want or need/6 unsure)

72. Do you have any other comments on the above plans to review Navigation charges and the boat registration charges scheme?

73. Would you be interested in attending a workshop to help us shape our new proposals? If so, please provide your contact details here: