Environment Agency charge proposals from April 2018

Closes 26 Jan 2018

Section 4.9.4 - Water Quality and Groundwater Discharges

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31. Do you have any comments on our proposal to move from a charging scheme which considers the volume, chemical content and receiving water into which a discharge is made, to a simpler activity-based charging scheme?

32. Do you have any comments on the proposed approach to reflect the costs of Operator Self-Monitoring?

33. For water sewerage companies we have proposed to phase the AMP6 EDM permitting workload across AMP6 and AMP7 to smooth the cost of introducing charges for these variations and to reduce permitting workload pressures. Details are to be confirmed by separate agreement. Do you agree to the proposed approach?

34. Do you have any comments on the proposed approach to variation charges specifically relating to Water Discharge and Groundwater activity permits?

35. Do you have any other comments on the Water Discharge and Groundwater Activity Proposal?