Lillyhall Landfill Site RSA Permit Variation

Closed 6 May 2019

Opened 4 Mar 2019

Feedback updated 15 Jul 2021

We asked

The consultation on the application to vary the Lillyhall landfill site permit took place from 4 March 2019 to 6 May 2019. It provided the opportunity for the public, professional bodies and stakeholders to provide comments on the application.

We ran a second consultation for this application, specifically for the Transboundary Impact Assessment (TIA). The consultation took place from 4 February 2021 to 5 March 2021.

You said

We have received eight responses to the first consultation from various stakeholders. There was one objection and one in support of the application. The remainder of the responses included various comments and questions which have been summarised in the Lillyhall variation: Summary of consultation responses document (found below under ‘Files’).

We received zero responses to the second consultation.

We did

We assessed the application and the consultation responses were considered as part of this assessment. We issued the permit variation on 15 July 2021. The key changes to the permit are:

  • increase to the current activity limits for the disposal of radioactive waste from 4Bq/g (or 40Bq/g for tritium) to a maximum average consignment activity limit of 200Bq/g
  • update the permit to the latest template so that it reflects recent guidance changes.

Results updated 27 Feb 2020


Published responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


We have received an application from FCC Recycling (UK) Ltd to make changes to its Radioactive Substances Activities (RSA) Permit at the Lillyhall Landfill Site in Cumbria. The RSA permit controls receipt and disposal of radioactive waste at the site.

We are seeking comments on this permit application. Public consultation helps us to take account of any information that people think is relevant to our decision making. It also gives people the opportunity to understand the proposed changes.

The proposed changes to the permit are as follows:

  • to increase the current activity limits for the disposal of radioactive waste in the permit from 4Bq/g (or 40 Bq/g for tritium) to a maximum average consignment activity limit of 200 Bq/g
  • updating the permit to the latest template so that it reflects recent guidance changes

You can view the application and supporting documents by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Providing comments

We can take account of:

  • relevant environmental regulatory requirements
  • information on local population and sensitive sites
  • comments on whether the right process is being used for the activity, for example whether the technology is the right one
  • the shape and use of the land around the site in terms of its potential impact, whether that impact is acceptable and what pollution control or abatement may be required
  • any incorrect information in the application

We cannot take account of:

  • issues beyond those in the relevant environmental regulations
  • anything outside the remit of the EPR. For example the proposed location of the site
  • land use issues when determining a permit application, even if changing the location of the activity would improve its environmental performance
  • the impact of noise and odour from traffic travelling to and from the site
  • the legally defined process we follow to determine a permit

Why your views matter

We are consulting on this application to give people the opportunity to understand the proposed changes to the permit and provide us with any information they think is relevant to our decision making.


What happens next

Thank you for responding to this consultation.

We will make your response publically available (excluding personal information and financial data) on our online tool whilst the consultation is running, unless you have requested that we do not publish your response.

Following the end of the consultation we will assess all the information and responses received during this consultation.  We will then produce a final decision document and this will be published on this consultation’s web page in summer 2019. If you have given us your email address, we will email you to let you know when it has been published.

We will not be responding to individual comments on the application.

Thank you

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