HU11 5DA, Rathlin Energy – West Newton ‘A’ well site information page

Closed 11 Feb 2019

Opened 14 Jan 2019


Regulation of Rathlin Energy’s West Newton ‘A’ well site

Rathlin Energy plans to carry out testing of the WNA-2 well at its West Newton ‘A’ well site. We have previously consulted on their applications for the environmental permits required. These were issued in April 2014 and varied in August 2019. They set out legally binding conditions for operation covering emissions, safe storage of waste, and flaring of gas. The permits also include monitoring and reporting requirements. The company submitted an application for a minor technical variation to their permit in February 2020. The application relates to minor technical changes which do not have the potential for significant negative effects on humans or the environment, and the application does not entail a substantial change and is not for a new bespoke permit. For these reasons there will not be a formal consultation on the determination. The minor technical variation application documents are provided below.

Rathlin Energy will not be able to make the proposed changes in operation unless the changes are accepted by the Environment Agency as part of the permit variation determination. The application is being assessed by us and our decision will be made available on this page. 

We will regularly update this page with information from our audits and site inspections. Previously, this information would only have been held at our offices on the Public Register. Whilst that will continue, we hope that this is helpful in making information easier for you to access.

West Newton 'A' Wellsite
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