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Opened 30 Nov 2023


The Boston Barrier Scheme is an Environment Agency led project, working to provide better protection from tidal flooding to over 14,000 homes and businesses in the town of Boston, Lincolnshire.


The first phase of construction was completed in December 2020, two years after construction on the project began. The first phase included the centrepiece of the scheme, the primary barrier gate. The primary barrier gate and associate flood walls now better protect more than 13,500 properties in Boston from tidal flooding.

The second phase of works is due to take place downstream of the first phase and includes works on the Port of Boston estate, bolstering the defence and ensuring continuity of the defence line.

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Why does Boston need a tidal flood barrier?

The town of Boston in Lincolnshire is an historic market town with an important maritime history. Boston is also unfortunate to lie entirely within a floodplain and has been devastated by flooding many times before. In the past 200 years Boston has experienced nine major tidal floods with the most recent tidal surge in December 2013 flooding over 800 properties across 55 streets.

Without a reduction in flood risk Boston’s deprivation issues will continue and new regeneration schemes are unlikely.

In the 2014 Autumn Statement it was announced by Government that the Boston Barrier, which is fully funded by Flood Defence Grant in Aid, was deemed a national priority project. By 2016 the outline business case for the scheme was approved by the Treasury and, following a Public Inquiry and Secretary of State sign off, by 2018 Boston was one step closer to being better protected from tidal flooding.

In December 2020, phase one of the project was completed, meaning over 13,500 homes and businesses were better protected from tidal flooding. Find out more here:

Involving the community

The Boston Barrier Scheme delivers more than just a flood defence. It’s been an important philosophy to include the local community in decision making where we can, ensuring they benefit fully from the project.

During phase one of the scheme the Boston Barrier Hub on Marsh Lane was open from 12noon to 7pm every Wednesday. We are hoping to offer a similar space during phase two once a suitable place on the Port side of the river is located.

We have utilised Hello Lamp Post technology to bring the Boston Barrier Scheme to life in Boston. When walking around the town, you may notice signs like the ones below. By scanning the QR code on the sign, or by clicking here (add link), you can interact virtually, learn more, and test your knowledge about the Boston Barrier Scheme.

Careers at the Environment Agency

You, or someone you know, could be part of the future working on projects like the Boston Barrier Scheme. Find out more on how to get involved by visiting: Protect our world - Environment Agency (

 Here are some of the experts who work on the Boston Barrier Scheme:


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