Proposed National Salmon and Sea Trout Protection Byelaws

Closed 12 Apr 2018

Opened 7 Mar 2018


We are advertising new byelaws for salmon and sea trout net and rod fisheries in England and on the Border Esk. A copy of the advert is provided below.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

If you would like to object, or provide support, to these proposed byelaws then please use the "Respond online" link below. Here we have set out the byelaws in four separate sections and you will be able to respond to each section separately. The sections are:

  • Renewal of current National Salmon Byelaws (applies to net/fixed engine and rod fisheries).
  • New byelaws for net and fixed engine fisheries.
  • New byelaws requiring catch and release of salmon by rod fisheries.
  • New byelaws restricting certain rod fishing methods.

There are 11 questions in total and if you provide a response to each section we estimate it will take you 60 - 90 minutes to respond.

Please see the Related section below for a copy of the proposed byelaws and other relevant documents. We recommend that you open and read these documents before proceeding.

Please note that the River Calder referred to in Schedule 1 of the proposed byelaws has been misidentified as the Calder in West Yorkshire, it should be the Calder in Cumbria. We apologise for any confusion caused and Schedule 1 will be amended when confirmation of the proposed byelaws is sought.

We are also intending to ask the Minister to amend to Schedule 2 to the byelaws to include the Yorkshire Ouse, River Trent, River Medway and River Stour (Kent) when we seek their confirmation. This would mean that all salmon caught from these rivers, their tributaries and estuaries must be returned immediately with the least possible injury.

In light of this proposed amendment to Schedule 2 all objections, or supporting representations, to these byelaws must now be received by the 12 April 2018.

What Happens Next

The advertising period for proposed salmon and sea trout protection byelaws in England and on the Border Esk has now closed and we would like to thank all those that responded during the advertising period.

If you response contained an objection to the proposed byelaws we will reply to your objection shortly.

Thank you

Heidi Stone


  • Net fishing license holders
  • River based salmon angling owners/fishing clubs/organisations
  • Individual migratory salmonid licence holders
  • Business that buy salmon/supported by salmon net and rod fishing
  • Angling trade contacts
  • National based fishery, conservation and landowner organisations
  • Government family organisations


  • Business and industry
  • Fishing and boating
  • Habitats and wildlife
  • Environmental permitting