Proposals to change standard rules permits for medium combustion plant and specified generators

Closes 8 Jan 2023

Opened 3 Nov 2022


The purpose of this consultation is to introduce changes associated with the implementation of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) EU/2015/2193. These changes aim to control and reduce the worst emissions of NOx, SO2, and dust emissions.

We have developed standard rules permits for low risk Medium Combustion Plant (MCP) and are proposing certain changes in advance of the next permitting phase for existing MCP greater than 5 MWth and less than 50 MWth.

In summary the consultation proposes:

  • to amend standard rules 2018 number 7 to allow for use by operations with existing MCP greater than 5 and less than 20MWth
  • a new standard rules permit SR 2022 number 9 for natural gas boilers only, and associated generic risk assessment and charges
  • to change SR2018 numbers 4 and 5 to allow for tranche B specified generators, which are also existing MCP between 5 and less than 20 MWth, if there is demand
  • a standard for hydro-treated (or hydrogenated) vegetable oil (HVO) which could be considered as gas oil in the standard rule sets

Please refer to the related documents section below to view the consultation document.

Why your views matter

The Environmental Permitting Regulations allow us to develop standard rules for certain activities. We base the rules on our understanding of the risks. 

We are asking for your views on whether the proposed standard rules permit ensures that the risks to the environment and human health are reduced to an acceptable level for this activity. 

We are also asking for your views on whether the consolidated rules work for you and your industry whilst providing the necessary protection to the environment and human health.

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