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We regulate four permitted sites in and around Bankwood Lane Industrial Estate, Rossington. It is our role to assess whether these sites are complying with the conditions in their environmental permits and not causing nuisance beyond their site boundaries. Where breaches of a permit are identified we can act and require the operator to rectify this. 

City of Doncaster Council has responsibility to enforce planning matters such as operating hours, parking and the condition of the roads.

The sites which we are concentrating our efforts on are Morris and Co (Handlers) Ltd and Eco-Power Environmental Ltd

Morris & Co (Handlers) Ltd (Morris Metals)

Morris & Co. are permitted to operate a metal recycling site accepting no more than 75,000 tonnes of waste metal each year. Their main business at Bankwood Lane is the recovery of metal from incinerator bottom ash. They acknowledge that controlling dust and noise are their biggest environmental challenges and committed to implementing additional mitigation measures in 2022 and 2023.

Eco-Power Environmental Ltd (Eco-Power)

Eco-Power are permitted to operate a material recycling treatment site, accepting no more than 200,000 tonnes of waste each year. 

There is a risk of odour, litter and dust escape from the Eco-Power site. These risks have been mitigated by Eco-Power installing netting along the northern site boundary and implementing control measures in approved Dust and Odour Management Plans. These include mobile mist cannons which are used to mitigate dust emissions.

Site Location

Bankwood Lane Industrial Estate
Bankwood Lane
South Yorkshire
DN11 0PS

New Rossington Development

Adjacent and to the west of Bankwood Lane Industrial Estate, the former Rossington Colliery is under development into a new residential area. The outline planning permission was granted under ‘Former Rossington Colliery’ 12/01107/OUTA

Complaints of flies, dust, noise and odour

In 2022 we received just over 100 reports of pollution from members of the public, mostly relating to amenity problems. There were 73 reports of flies, 10 of dust, 10 of noise and 9 of odour.

We investigated the fly complaints, which were mostly reported in August and September 2022, and found that none of the sites we regulate had fly problems on site. We worked with City of Doncaster’s Environmental Health department, who checked other potential sources including any composting and land spreading work around the New Rossington development, but they didn’t find any evidence. In Spring 2023, in preparation for warmer weather we assessed the fly prevention measures at Morris & Co. and Eco-Power to make sure they had everything in place to prevent flies. Both operators demonstrated they had appropriate measures.

In 2023 we received 131 reports of pollution from members of the public: 71 reports of noise, 34 reports of odour; 25 reports of dust and 1 report of flies. Our news below describes how we have responded to these reports.

Latest News on our regulatory work

It is the operators' responsibility to ensure they are compliant with their environmental permit.  We will continue to monitor and assess their performance against their environmental permits.

During 2023 we have carried out several inspections and audits at the sites we regulate on Bankwood Lane Industrial Estate.

Morris & Co (Handlers) Ltd (Morris Metals)

We have undertaken 2 unannounced inspections of the Morris & Co. site in 2023, in April and June. We also held a meeting with the Director and the Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) Manager, in September 2023.

April 2023

In April 2023 when we visited Morris & Co. we requested the noise mitigation measures that they had in place. The equipment which has the greatest potential to generate noise is the shredder. To contain this noise, Morris & Co. explained to us that the shredder had been fully enclosed in an acoustic cage. They also confirmed that this cage was to be lined with cork, to give additional sound absorption. The shredder and its cage are both located within the main processing building. We were able to see that this building, previously open on all sides, had been fully enclosed.

Morris & Co. also told us that they had employed a vibration consultant who was undertaking testing to establish the optimum installation of vibration proof matting for heavy equipment.

In relation to dust Morris & Co. showed us the dust suppression system they had put in place along their western site boundary. This comprises water sprays to dampen airborne dust and to stop it migrating over the site wall. Morris & Co. told us about the air quality monitoring system they would be installing to aid in the detection of dust.

During our inspection we identified one permit non-compliance. Wastes were being stored at a height greater than the containment walls, giving the potential for dust to be mobilized and carried off site. We required Morris & Co. to reduce the waste piles to compliant heights, which they did within the timescale we had given.

June 2023

When we visited Morris & Co. in June 2023 our focus was on noise and dust mitigation. Morris & Co. explained to us that work was continuing to install vibration proof matting and to add a noise and vibration monitoring system. We requested Morris & Co. notify us of the timescales to complete these works.

Morris & Co. told us that air quality monitoring equipment had been installed with adjustments being made to software so that it could be used to alert them of dust issues in real time.  We noted additional dust suppression equipment had been added to extend coverage on the western boundary.

During this inspection we found no non-compliances with the environmental permit. We did however advise Morris & Co. to reconsider the location of their air quality monitoring system to optimise the detection of airborne dust escaping the site boundary.

September 2023

On 11 September 2023 we met with the Director and SHEQ Manager. They explained that they were reviewing the effectiveness of current noise mitigation measures and were intending to make improvements. They were going to double the amount of vibration proof matting, to better absorb vibration from heavy equipment. They were also going to investigate the possibility that the new walls of the main processing building may be causing sounds to rebound within it, thereby becoming amplified and louder. They had employed a new noise consultant with a view to getting better advice on what their noise monitoring data is telling them.

In the meeting we required Morris & Co. provide updated noise and dust management plans to us. We were clear to them that they need to demonstrate both their competence and commitment to controlling noise, vibration, and dust. We told them that their plans must clearly show that they understand the pollution potential of their whole site, and that they have systems in place to manage that risk effectively. We asked them to provide the plans as soon as possible, but that we expect them to update it as they complete and/or refine their mitigation measures so that it continuously remains fit for purpose and enforceable by us.

Eco-Power Environmental Ltd (Eco-Power)

In 2023 we carried out three compliance inspections of EcoPower’s site, on Bankwood Lane. These were in April, June and December 2023. We also met with the Director of EcoPower in July 2023.

April 2023

At our unannounced inspection in April 2023, we identified two permit non-compliances. Waste was being stored in piles that were larger than set out in the approved site fire prevention plan. Wastes were also being stored outside the permit boundary.

Prior to our visit in April 2023, we undertook odour monitoring north of the site boundary. Whilst we could detect an odour, it was transient and not of an intensity or offensiveness to be considered a nuisance.

June 2023

At our inspection in June 2023, we did not detect odour on site a level likely to cause annoyance or be a nuisance beyond the site boundary.

We did however identify a non-compliance with the environmental permit which, in different circumstances, could have led to odour beyond the site. We found wastes (not odourous on this occasion) were not stored in the locations specified for them in the odour and dust management plans. These plans set the storage of potentially odourous and dusty wastes to be furthest from residential properties. The reason for this non-compliance was that site operatives were unaware of the odour and dust management plans, and the operational procedures detailed in them. We required EcoPower to ensure all staff were made aware of the plans, and to make copies accessible to them. EcoPower have since confirmed to us that they have done this.

At this inspection in June 2023, we also identified other permit non-compliances. Wastes were being stored in piles without clear separation, and outside the permit boundary. We found parts of the site had no barrier to stop liquids draining onto unmade ground, and an IBC containing odour neutralisation liquid was being stored on unmade ground without secondary containment.

July 2023

On 25 July 2023 we held a meeting with the Director of EcoPower because we had been notified by colleagues, in another part of the country, that EcoPower would be receiving potentially odourous waste. We required EcoPower to demonstrate the measures they would have to ensure the receipt, treatment, and storage of this waste would not result in odour beyond the site boundary. Through discussions with the Director, we were satisfied that EcoPower have the competence and commitment to manage odour.

December 2023

In December 2023 we undertook an announced inspection of the part of EcoPower’s site where they have registered 8 waste exemptions. We are currently reviewing our findings from this inspection.

H.W Martin Waste Limited (previously FCC Recycling (UK) Ltd)

We undertook 1 unannounced inspection of the household waste recycling centre in Rossington and found the site in good order, with no permit breaches.

How are we working with others to regulate the site?

We have worked well with City of Doncaster Council Environmental Health and Planning departments in the past to investigate problems around Bankwood Lane. We intend to continue working closely with them should we have issues in the area.

Community Engagement

During 2023 we engaged with members of the public, a local councillor and the local MP. We listened to their experiences and advised them on our role and our regulation at the sites of concern.


We aim to provide updates to key stakeholders and the public through this Citizen Space Information Page.

You can be kept up to date on future consultations by joining our stakeholder list. Please email .

Below you can view historic consultations.

Feb - Mar 2022 Morris and Co (Handlers) Ltd Environmental Permit Consultation


Newsletters have been produced in the past to inform stakeholders of significant events or issues at the regulated sites on Bankwood Lane. Although we may produce newsletters in the future, however, this Citizen Space page will be updated to reflect the current news on Bankwood Lane.

Historic newsletters and briefing notes can be found below in the 'Related' section of this page.

How to contact us

We would encourage that reports of incidents are first made directly to Morris Metals and Eco-Power using the sites contact details below. This has the benefit of allowing the companies to be made aware of and investigate incidents without delay.

When we receive a report from members of the public to our incident hotline number, we always use the information supplied to us to gain a better understanding of the problems and potential source. However, responding individually to all requests for feedback has become a significant draw on our resource, which we would preferably use to focus on our regulatory actions. We will now look to use Citizen Space to provide the public with regular updates.

The Environment Agency Incident Hotline (0800 80 70 60) is available 24/7 for residents to call should any further issues relating to the sites occur.

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