Information on Clayton Hall Landfill Site, Whittle le Woods, Lancashire

Closes 6 Feb 2019

Opened 6 Feb 2018


We have created this page to provide easy access to information on Clayton Hall Landfill Site. This information includes air quality monitoring data results. 

The Environment Agency is part of a multi-agency group that has been set up in response to the odours from Clayton Hall Landfill Site. The other members of the group are Chorley Council, Public Health England and Lancashire County Council, who also chair the group.

The Environment Agency's role is to regulate the landfill site to make sure that it is complying with environmental legislation and to take appropriate action when needed. We monitor the impact of the site on the local environment, including collecting air quality monitoring data. Public Health England’s role is to review the monitoring data and provide public health advice.

The links to the documents on this page are below:

Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring Frequently Asked Questions  15022018

Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring Data 24 Jan 18 to 2 Feb 18 - Clayton Hall LFS

Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring Data 2 Feb 18 to 9 Feb 18 - Clayton Hall LFS

Clayton Hall LF Newsletter 1 - December 2017

Clayton Hall LF Newsletter 2 - January 2018

Clayton Hall LF Newsletter 3 - February 2018





This webpage is not part of a consultation. It has been set up to give people easy access to information about Clayton Hall Landfill Site.


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