Oxford FAS consultation 2017

Closed 20 Jul 2017

Opened 22 Jun 2017

Results Updated 9 Oct 2017

This document gives an overview of our consultation process and a summary of responses received. It pulls out the key themes and provides an initial response to explain how we are using the feedback received. It also explains our next steps.


Published Responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


The Environment Agency and their partners are working together to develop a flood alleviation scheme to reduce flood risk to properties, transport links and infrastructure in Oxford. In addition, the scheme aims to protect Oxford’s reputation as a thriving commercial centre, and create and maintain recreational and environmental opportunities.

The scheme will increase capacity for flood water and divert it away from developed areas of the floodplain. Following a public consultation in January 2016, the project team established a route for the scheme, and are now working on the design.

They would like to hear your views on specific elements of the scheme, as well as general feedback to help inform the design and construction.

Following this consultation, the Environment Agency will determine the final design for the scheme. They will take into account public opinion alongside feedback from the local planning authorities. The final design will be submitted for planning permission in spring 2018.





What Happens Next

We will use the results of this consultation along with feedback from the local planning authority, to finalise the scheme design. We will submit this for planning permission in spring 2018. 


  • Recreational and commercial river users
  • Fishing clubs and representative associations
  • Businesses
  • Statutory organisations
  • Members of the public
  • Elected representatives, including MPs
  • Local councils
  • Academics


  • Flood management