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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Cuadrilla Bowland Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Cuadrilla Bowland Limited (Required)
1) The permit application made by Cuadrilla Bowland relates to the onsite treatment of uncontaminated surface water.from the Preston New Road fracking site, at an on-site treatment plant and then discharge of the treated uncontaminated surface water into the local water course and through this means ultimately into the River Ribble estuary. 2) We know from recent local incidents that Cuadrilla has been found responsible for contamination of the surface water at this site on more than one occasion, even though these incidents preceded formal hydraulic fracking production. 3) Clearly even in pre-production phase Cuadrilla are unable to segregate uncontaminated water from that which has been used in or come into contact with waste from the drilling processes. 4) Apparently there are a distinct lack of testing procedures and adequate independent regulation processes to prevent the cross contamination of contaminated and uncontaminated water at the Preston New Road site 5) It is my understanding that once the production phase is fully operational a significant proportion of the water injected into the wells (50%?) will be recovered to the surface. This will clearly be contaminated water by definition. 6) If Cuadrilla is incapable of segregating surface and drilling derived water now, how can they possibly segregate it when the volumes of contaminated water generated through production need to be treated separately at the site . 7) My objections to this Environmental Permit application can therefore be summarised as follows: we must be sure that only clean uncontaminated water is discharged into the local watercourse and the River Ribble Estuary. Cuadrilla have already demonstrated that they are incapable of segregating uncontaminated and contaminated water at the Preston New Road site. Therefore the waste water from the site should not under any circumstances now or in the future be discharged into the local watercourse. there appears to be no independent regulatory continuous testing process at the Preston New Road site to cover the disposal of waste water. This ommision should be dealt with immediately at Cuadrilla's expense.