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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from East Kent Recycling Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from East Kent Recycling Limited (Required)
There are many factors as to why this permit should be refused. I have attached a photo of the current flooding alongside Oare Creek, just yards from East Kent Recycling's site, this flooding happens here every winter., l know this because l live yards from Oare Creek. That being the case l am sure the effects of excess water must be seen within East Kent Recycling's site, especially on area 'C' where the ground is soft and porous with little or no drainage in place. In my opinion there is a real threat of contaminants from East Kent Recycling being carried into Oare Creek. The photo shows just how close the flooding is to East Kent Recycling's site which can been seen in the background. There is further serious flooding in the adjoining field also opposite to the entrance at East Kent Recycling, however l am unable to add additional photos, your system seems to only accept one attachment. Can l also point out that the approach road known as the Saxon Shore Way has no drainage what so every. The building waste dust lies on the tarmac surface dropped by the lorries and what is also blown over from the site in the wind until the road sweeper collects it twice a week. Again contaminants are at risk of entering Oare Creek. The edge of the sea wall / flood defence known as The Saxon Shore Way Coastal Path is being eroded by the continuous stream of 40 ton lorries who use it. This can be seen by carrying out a visit where you will cleary see how the lorries have created a wider road, eroding the sea wall edge, the tarmac ends and approximately 10 inches of the sea wall is now being used as road, this is at its worse approximately 50 meters from the entrance to East Kent Recycling. My second concern relates to noise from the site. This affects us at our home greatly. We are plagued with noise daily since our home is directly opposite the site. The two Tele-handles can be heard shaking building waste daily, some days are worse than others depending on what materials are being sifted. During the summer months dust blows across the creek, the owner claims he dampens down the dust at the site to keep it at bay, this is completely untrue. During the 5 years East Kent Recycling set up their business here on Oare Creek we have seen what appears to be 'Ad Blue' seeping into the quary via the drain from their site. In the last 2 months additional lighting has been errected at the site on a tripod which has been placed on the top of a building . This is a sensitive area for wildlife, we do not appreciate the site looking like Millwall Football Stadium.