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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from East Kent Recycling Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from East Kent Recycling Limited (Required)
I am a passionate recycler and as such I wish I could support East Kent Recycling in expanding their permit in Oare. However, towards the end of last week, I walked along the Saxon Shore Way up to Hollowshore. I was appalled at the constant HGV traffic on what is supposed to be a public footpath. Drivers were courteous and careful, but they drove huge, noisy, dirty, dust-shedding vehicles. I felt unsafe and very uncomfortable and it certainly is not a path I want to walk again, much as I love Hollowshore and Oare Creek. (I have to say it is a mystery that EKR was every allowed to operate in this special location--with SSSI, Ramer, Oare Creek and Oare Marshes (all protected areas)--right on its edges in the first place. There are brownfield sites, other places nearer main thoroughfares that would have been far superior.) The noise is particularly disturbing and despite the 'company' ornithologist's assessment, I cannot believe birdlife (and other wildlife) has not been detrimentally affected already. Increasing the hours of possible operation, the volume and types of waste, number of HGVs, and lights will unquestionably damage the environment further for birds, other animals, and humans--both the people who currently live there and those who will in due course occupy the new developments. When I walked last week, it was not raining, but at this time of year, moisture on the roads is usual. Even so, the Saxon Shore Way in this location looked dusty and there was litter along the way. (Where does that come from--it's not from Saxon Shore Way walkers.) It's my understanding that there was no permission for lighting in the original EKR permit, but there are now several spotlights on at night. This is extremely disturbing because such lights disturb wildlife and humans, but also in view of the fact that Ky Campion has a criminal record in illegal waste dumping. It demonstrates a blatant disregard for not only the neighbours of his site and the law, but also the Environment Agency and indeed the environment. Flooding, an increasing danger on our planet, will inevitably be a problem for the EKR site, in that with high tides and ever more radical weather, contaminants from the site will seep into the creek and into the Oare Marshes. I could write a great deal about air quality and the routes these HGVs seriously pollute in Faversham, but I respect that this is not the EA's concern with the current application. Please please do not grant this permit.