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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from East Kent Recycling Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from East Kent Recycling Limited (Required)
Dear Sirs, I wish register my objection to the above Environmental Permit application in the strongest terms possible, for the following reasons :- 1. FLOODING The site at Oare Creek is totally unsuitable for a waste recycling centre as it is designated as "at risk of Fluvial Flooding". Today (14/1/19) there is already extensive flooding of the marsh on the north side of Oare Creek and this is normal happening every year. EKS's site is surrounded by water and will flood. Any waste materials including brick/concrete dust and asbestos dust and liquid oils etc are at risk of being swept off the site into Oare Creek and the surrounding fields in the event of a flood. This will be impossible to control or made safe. EKR's application to you clearly states that EKR do not yet have a "Flood Management Plan" in place. My guess is impossible for them to produce an effective plan? 2. NO DRAINAGE and CONCRETE HARD STANDINGS EKR's application states that "waste acceptance and storage" will only be done on "impermeable" concrete or under cover. Only about 25/30% of this site is currently covered in concrete hard standings. EKR have no plans to provide new concrete hard standings so how do they intend to comply with this. EKR work off the bare earth on this site as they have for the last 6 years. In addition EKR have been working off their own site on adjoining land, which is illegal and in breach of their current Planning Approvals. If this proposal is to go ahead the very least you must insist is that EKR provide new concrete hardstandings, laid to falls to a new drainage system that includes a "PETROL INTERCEPTOR TRAP". This will allow contaminants and spillages to be skimmed off the surface water drainage and re-cycled safely. If this is not done all contaminants and oil spillages will eventually leach into Oare Creek and the surrounding water courses and lakes. This amounts to EKR using Oare Creek as a convenient sewer to pollute. Oare Creek is surrounded by SSI's and protected wildlife. EKR's complete lack of consideration for the wildlife and natural environment speaks volumes about them. 3. HAZARDOUS MATERIALS EKR claim to be able to manage and store waste materials on site safely yet they go on to say that building material waste will arrive on site in mixed loads in skips. How do they know what is at the bottom of skips arriving on site? It could be asbestos or any hazardous material. How can waste materials arriving on site possibly be carefully handled and stored when you don't know whats in it? 4. ACCESS ROAD The access road to the site runs along the top of a "levee" on the south side of Oare Creek. This road is also the route of the "SAXON SHORE WAY" coastal footpath. There is not enough room for 2 lorries to pass. EKR have built a tarmacked passing layby on adjoining land but the lorries have taken to driving off the road on the earth at the sides of the road. This is a "levee" holding back tidal seawater and is now being damaged and eroded away by EKR lorries. Who will protect and maintain the levee? The Saxon Shore Way footpath is in danger of being lost for ever in this location as EKR now claim this is a "private access road" and have never discussed the issue of us losing the public footpath to them. The villagers of Oare have now made a formal application to KCC to adopt and save the footpath along this road. How can walkers compete with 120 trucks a day on a footpath? 5. POLLUTION Light Pollution - EKR use floodlights throughout the winter. As Oarew village is at a higher level than the site, the lights shine directly into the houses on Church Road. This has been reported and EKR have acted upon this issue a few times, redirecting the lights. I know of a woman who now keeps her curtains closed due to the spotlights. Noise Pollution - The noise from the massive increase in lorry movements from EKR affects us here in Oare as well as the surrounding villages that lie along the route to the site. This has already become a massive problem. The site vehicles are fitted with reverse beeping signals which we hear constantly throughout their working day. Odour and Vermin - This is the inevitable consequence of this kind of industrial activity and totally out of place next to protected SSI's in this location. Surely this site is the last place to operate EKR's pollution and litter creating operation. Should it not be on an existing brownfield industrialised site where none of these issues matter or cause a risk. 6. MONITORING THIS OPERATION AND SITE Who would monitor and control EKR's operation on this site. Who from the council or Environm? EKR have been here 6 years and have worked illegally off their own site. No one enforced anything so what hope of enforcing this application. A clue to the nature of the client ie. profit is the following. EKR claim they will have a road sweeper sweep the access road twice a week to keep the dust down. This is laughable. In six years we have never seem them clean or sweep anything. It also begs the question "If EKR think they need to sweep the road to keep the dust down, why are they not doing it already?" Could this statement be because they want your approval? Please do not give your approval to this application. We are fighting to protect the countryside, Oare Creek, the wildlife, the SSi's and this unique part of the North Kent coast. Oare Marsh is a world famous wetland bird reserve. We are surrounded by bird watchers. It is the biggest business in Oare. A waste recycling centre here amounts to trashing the countryside. EKR already have another industrial site from which they operate. So is it personal profit or the precious environment? Please refuse this application. Yours Sincerely Redacted text