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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Island Gas Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Island Gas Limited (Required)
Again there appears to be no NON TECHNICAL SUMMARY here [though referred to in the EA introduction] A Non Technical Summary is essential for members of the public, especially near residents, to get a fair idea of what this permit entails. THEREFORE THIS CONSULTATION PROVIDES INSUFFICIENT INFORMATION. The Environment Agency requested that this application be in before the end of July 2017, so isn't IGas therefore already in some form of breach? Appendix 8 [the generic Reg 60 Routine Well Maintenance Treatments here dated 29/06/2016] lists well stimulation methods: hydraulic fracturing and acid fracturing [table 1, page 12] Yet nowhere in the documentation as a whole is it clear to see at what point IGas will be seeking to carry out these UNCONVENTIONAL ACTIVITIES.. We are therefore extremely concerned that a substantial variation of activity is proposed ahead at Glentworth: - from handling and transporting onwards of crude oil - to DRILLING FOR ONSITE PRODUCTION, and to include WELL STIMULATION if necessary. Why has there not been application to the local planning authority for consent to this substantial change? Throughout the documentation a range of possible activities are referred to but there is very little specific detail - especially for people without engineering or geological training - so how can this consultation properly fulfill requirement of public information? The Environmental Risk Assessment lists "likely" "direct" impacts to local atmosphere and human recipients: through dust, combustion and diesel products, methane and non methane VOCs, NOx, SOx, hydrogen sulphide, carbon monoxide and dioxide - yet concludes that risk is "acceptable" without much indication as to how risk is to be monitored or mitigated. And especially in the case of HGV vehicle emissions - diesel is now proven to be considerably more polluting than previously thought, and therefore having significant impact on greenhouse gases. Air quality and Climate Change are at critical stages and therefore all oil and gas production must be de-intensified; and at the very least be subject to intensive scrutiny and full public debate. FOR ALL THESE REASONS WE INSIST THAT THE ENVIRONMENT AGENCY HOLDS A FULL PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT EXERCISE - A PUBLIC MEETING - BEFORE GRANTING THIS [AND OTHER] PERMITS.