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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Day Group Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Day Group Limited (Required)
I am opposing this application, on the grounds that over the last few years, despite the many promises from the EA, BCC and companies in our Community, we have continually been bombarded with, and at time, drowned by dust, noise and flies. This has been detrimental to our mental and physical health as well as the value of our homes. We live in a village, which just happens to border an expanding warehouse/industrial area, BUT, we need a variety of businesses in the area, which will not only create jobs, but also look after and improve the area for us, the residents or as we have previously been referred to "sensitive receptors". Our village is fast becoming the Recycling Centre/Dumping ground for not only the South West, but also London, this cannot be allowed to continue. We are told that this IBA is non hazardous, but, Day group cannot give a break down of the. Regular materials that make up this waste by product. The Day Group have already changed their plans, as they told NO WATER SUPPRESSING would be needed and this product does not produce dust, NOW, they are including water suppressing "just in case". If the product is non toxic, why does it need to maturize? On a recent exhibition put on by the Group, they became very unsettled when asked questions about the running of the plant, records to be kept, putting in dust monitoring equipment etc, and asked how re knew so much, seemingly unaware of our pat experiences and knowledge gained. I am also very concerned at the close proximity of this plant to residential properties, considering the remarks of a judge 4years ago, when we were regularly showered with carcinogenic materials, the judge in question told the EA he couldn't understand why such an operation was licensed so close to,people's homes, is this to be another chapter in the ongoing saga. As a very concerned resident, who cares about the health of not only those of us here now, but that of my children and grandchildren, I am asking you to reject this application, and review the planning proposals, as this seems to be up and causing problems before the processing of this IBA has started, we are already suffering noise, additional dust, and I am sure that there are many flaws in the license application, if I could fully understand some of the jargon contained in it.