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4. Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Newcome-Baker Farms Limited

Please provide your comments on the environmental permit application received from Newcome-Baker Farms Limited (Required)
Permit Number EPR/AP3439/DZ/A004 I wish to record my concern at the issue of the above permit for a broiler unit at Whin Close, Docking Road, Sedgeford, Norfolk. My concerns fall into five categories: 1 Pollution of local drinking water with nitrate and pathogen rich effluents. 2 Pollution of the river Hun, a protected chalk stream with nitrate rich effluents. 3 Odour emissions of the units. 4 Health issues to local residents. 5 Risks to local and migratory bird life. 1 The bedrock formation of the area upon which this chicken farm is being built is- Lewes Nodular Chalk Formation, Seaford Chalk Formation, Newhaven Chalk Formation, Culver Chalk Forma. Drinking water for both Docking and Sedgeford is extracted from this bedrock through boreholes. As a resident of Docking (grid ref. 572966, 337014) I am very concerned about the effect on my drinking water that this unit might have due to large amounts of poultry litter with high nitrogen and pathogens content being stored and spread on the overlying land. In the application for a permit Newcome-Baker Farms Ltd state at section 8j that no manure will be stored on the installation and at 8k have indicated that manure and slurry will not be spread on land owned by the operator. The applicant also states at 8l that manure will be exported from the installation. However, in the supporting documentation 02, in paragraph 11 of the Introductory Note on page 3 states “Spent litter is taken from site by sheeted trailers and will be transported by approved contractors along two recovery routes. The first recovery route will be to spread the spent litter on the surrounding land owned and farmed by Newcome Baker Farms Ltd.” at page 8 the applicant states under “Off-site spreading of litter and dirty water “Used litter …… will be exported from the installation and spread to land. Dirty water will also be taken off-site and applied to land.” In public consultations the applicant, and/or his agent, has stated that litter will be stored on the farm and that litter will be spread on the farm’s land. I believe that there is miss-information being given in this application and the applicant is being disingenuous in representing “the installation” as being separate from the farm on whose land it is situated. 2 The river Hun, an important chalk stream, drains the surface water from the area upon which this site is being built. I am concerned that the ecology of this important chalk stream will be adversely affected by concentrations of nitrogen rich litter at this site, and on adjacent land to this site, which will contaminate the run off into the Hun. This is of particular concern considering the recent change in weather patterns where heavy downpours of rain, which will greatly increase run off, are becoming the norm. 3 My residence lies to the north east of the site which is directly down wind in the prevailing wind. The land on which the site is located is at a similar height to my residence but the intervening land is a slight depression. The wind at ground level will therefore carry odours from the site in a downward direction and directly to my residence. Therefore, although my residence is more than 400 meters from the site (a little over a kilometre) the topography of the area will, I believe, subject me to unacceptable levels of odour. 4 For the same topographical reasons as three above harmful pathogens produced by this intensive farming method will also be carried by the wind to my residence. I am therefore very concerned at the harmful effects upon myself, my family and my neighbours’ health that this unit is likely to represent. 5 North west Norfolk is an important area for wintering bird species such as the pink-footed goose which feed in the fields surrounding the site on which this unit will be built. The RSPB raised concerns about the siting of this unit in their submission to the planning authority, copy attached, which I do not believe were addressed by either the applicant or the planning authority. My concerns are that this area is important for over wintering birds and that these birds will risk being subjected to disease from the particulates put into the local environment by this unit. Yours sincerely, Redacted text