Staff survey - what’s the future for flood and coastal management in England?

Closes 26 Jan 2018

Section 2. Developing the FCERM vision

The FCERM partners at the November workshop agreed that having a shared long-term vision for all those who need to act so we have common goals and can communicate that to a wide audience was important.

Then partners considered what aspects would make an ambitious and effective vision, as well as the audience for the vision.

2.1. What is the purpose of a vision for FCERM?

The following is a summary of some of the key points that were made during the workshop discussion.

The purpose of a vision for FCERM is to:
• Establish a common goal
• Focus on the long-term
• Set out what we are aiming for – outcome not output focused
• Paint a picture of the future and its possibility
• Set a long-term measurable target
• Set out a long-term ambition and aspiration
• Needs to be big/bold, but with anchor points to allow progress towards achieving the vision to be assessed
• Needs to be relevant to all, with ‘hooks’ for different audiences
• Needs to set expectations eg not eliminate flooding, but live with flooding.


Is anything missing from this list? 

2.2. Please prioritise the top three purposes according to importance

(where 1 is the most important)

2.3. Please provide any additional comments about the vision

2.4. Who is the vision for?

You can select more than one stakeholder group for each question.

Environment Agency
All risk management authorities
Emergency responders
Charity sector
Insurance sector
Finance sector
Community groups
General public