Staff survey - what’s the future for flood and coastal management in England?

Closes 26 Jan 2018

Section 3. Challenges―key questions the work should address

There are many examples of government, professional partners, charity and private sectors, and communities working well together and delivering risk reduction and incident management. There’s a willingness to try new ways of delivery, the voluntary sector input is significant, water companies have grown in their risk management authority role, and we now have a greater focus on a whole catchment and coastal cell approach. 

Climate change and population growth mean we as an FCERM community will need to continue to adapt what we do to manage increasing risks.  Climate change is one challenge for the future, but there are others. We’d like to work together and spend some time now to get a shared understanding of the most significant challenges and how to manage them.

The FCERM partners at the November workshop began to identify these challenges within the following themes:

  • Theme 1. Roles and responsibilities - Still confusion/lack of understanding about aspects of roles and responsibilities
  • Theme 2. Joined up thinking/management - Need to build on best practice to connect and integrate different agendas, coordinate activities and link priorities at all scales
  • Theme 3. Planning horizons - Flood and coastal erosion risk will increase over the long-term unless we have an effective long-term response
  • Theme 4. Finance - Need to make the most of all sources of funding while making good choices on where to invest
  • Theme 5. Operations - Is day to day flood and coastal management on track to reduce the potential risks from climate change and inappropriate development?
  • Theme 6. Awareness, communication and education - How can we communicate effectively with all at risk and help them be best prepared?
  • Theme 7. Ways of working - How do we ensure we provide an effective and efficient service across all partners?
  • Theme 8. Skills and capacity - Capacity issues are sometimes as great (if not greater) than funding ones

We’d like to know what you think the challenges are.

We've summarised what these mean in the following brief document, it may help you to understand more context before you go onto the next question.


Themes and challenges

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3.1. Can you think of a challenge(s) that does not fit within one of these themes?

3.2. Can you think of a challenge within any of these themes that is missing?

3.3. Which themes are most important?

Please prioritise the themes according to which you think will make the biggest change in terms of meeting our collective purpose, as defined in Section 1 (where 1 is the most important and 8 is the least important). 

3.4. Which themes are most urgent?

Please prioritise the themes according to which you think need to be addressed first in terms of meeting our collective purpose, as defined in Section 1 (where 1 is the most urgent and 8 is the least urgent). 

3.5 . Please tell us if you have any additional comments about the challenges